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Where to start repairing MacBook

I have a Mid-2009 MacBook from a friend who asked me whether I could repair it as it has been damaged by spilling coca cola over it. I have repaired pc's and laptops but never a macbook but I want to give it a try. I have checked several Ifixit repair guides but before I start to try to open the macbook, I would like to know where to start in this situation :

I attached the macbook again to the electrical circuit. The led was orange and changed to green after some hours so it may be that the battery is still working. The machine does however not react when pushing the on/off button.

What would be the steps to detect whether one ore more parts are still intact (battery, motherboard, fan, ...) and which parts should I test first? I have no other macbook or spareparts available. I know a little of testing voltage etc on a circuit or electrical parts in case that is a starting point. As it may be that only the power socket has gone , how could I detect this and can I replace it?



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Don't have a solution, but I recommend checking out David Pogue's "Missing Manual" books at the library. Go to the Installation & Trouble Shooting sections. This is software fixing, before hardware testing or disassembly.


will try to find the book, might come in handy if i succeed in repairing the macbook


I had the whole machine cleaned as best as I could but in the it did not want to start. I think it could be repaired replacing the keyboard (but that is quite expensive for a 7 year old machine). The battery, dvd reader seem to be ok. I tested the harddisk and that seems to be fine so we can at least recover the data.


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This cola soaked laptop does have issues because of the cola which is sticky but the cola can corrode the wiring so the best thing you can do is first disconnect the power and battery. Get some Isopropyl Alcohol of 90% or higher and clean out the Cola mess using Cotton Swabs Swab Q-tips 6" Extra Long Wood Wooden Handle Cleaning Applicators. Make sure to use an antistatic mat with wrist strap so you do not do anymore damage. Do you best on cleaning up any mess that you can discover when taking it apart. Be sure to have so thermal paste and keep record of taking it apart so you can put it back together. If you have to clean the Mother board then be sure to let the Isopropyl Alcohol dry before putting it back together. Also if you have to clean the CPU chip or any chip with thermal paste be sure to replace the thermal paste. The cleaning task could be rather extensive due to the cola. And it still probably will not work even after the work. Trust me I know. Had the same happen to my Gateway laptop, even after cleaning it never worked as before had to toss it. Kept the HDD though that still worked.

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@brian - You really want to use distilled water here (not tap water!) as the water will cut though the sugars and acids in the drink where the alcohol won't. Then use the Isopropyl Alcohol to cut though the oils and act as a dryer for the water.

The difference here is in the kind of water you use Distilled water does not have all of the minerals tap or spring water has so it would leave a film of junk which will cause problems.


thanks both for the tips, got me some distilled water this morning, will start on the machine over the weekend, maybe the Easter Bunny brings me luck


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I would replace the keyboard. They are relatively inexpensive, while a bit tricky to replace, but doable with the ifixit guide. It is clear that the keyboard takes the brunt of any liquid spill, and that any shorts will occur there. I replaced a logic board on dead Mac once, but it still was dead: only to find out that all I had needed was a keyboard with the integrated on/off switch. The way to test if it is the logic board, or if it is the keyboard, is to find the on/off tabs on the logic board and bridge across them. Mine booted right up and proved that only the on/off switch (integrated in the keyboard ) needed replacement.

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