Tyros £ missing notes?

Hi, my Tyros 3 has missing notes ie,... all the G&C# over the whole of the keyboard? I did read that someone else had this problem and it was suggested that it might be contacts under the keys??? Too much of a coincidence, other people seem to have the same problem with the same keys G&C#....must be a common prob??? any clues, am I going to have to change the board under the Keybed? Could it just be the multi connector joining the board? Any help would be appreciated as I am in Spain for a few months and miles away from any service center! Cheers, Ken Baker.

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Here is a link to the service manual for your Tyros 3. In the paragraph below the image on the download website you have to wait until it changes from saying processing to Get Manual before you can download it.


As best as I can determine it appears that all the C# and G# notes are fed by a +50V supply fed via resistor R36 (33KOhms) on what I think is the EMKS FD board. It is designated lead MK20 and leaves the board on Connector CN5 pin 11 which then is wired to Connector CN3 on MKH-D board pin 11 where it wired to some of the C# and G# keys. It then also leaves that board on CN4 pin 22 and goes to CN1 on MK61L board pin 22 to pick up the rest of the C# and G# keys.

As you state that every one of the C# and G# is not working I suggest that you check that R36 is OK and that you have correct voltage leaving the EMKS-FD board CN5 pin11. If you test the voltage levels on pins 1-12 on CN5 they should all be the same voltage (I think) as all these leads are connected to +50V via a 33KOhm resistor to feed all the notes (keys)

I know you said that all the relevant keys are not working but if only some of the keys are working suggest you work thru each connector until you find the one where the voltage is missing.

It may also be if only a set of keys are not working that the wiring between the keys on a particular board may be faulty.

Hopefully this is of some help

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Hello sorry for delay getting back to you, not been a good year for me! Still have the problem with all the G&C#,s all the way up the keyboard...having said that, when I have played it for about 15 minutes the missing notes start to play again and normally stay on until I switch off? Makes me think that it maybe just bad connection on one of the multi connectors? ( was left stored in its case for 3 months and was working perfectly when last used? ) However now all the C& F#,s up the keyboard are playing at full velocity with no variation ??? Any clues Please??? Kind regards, Ken Baker. kbnw37951@blueyonder.co.uk

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About the only thing that I can think of at the moment is that you visually inspect the wiring path from the R36 resistor on the EMKS FD board through to the first connector attached to the keys as described above. It may be a faulty connection, a loose wire or even something inadvertently touching the wiring path that is causing your problem.


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