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HP All-In-One has power problem

I have a HP Pavilion All-In-One desktop, model no. MS219 running Win 10 OS.

I push the start button and the power light on the front blinks but the computer won't start. The power light on the back is on, indicating there is power to the computer. Once I hit the power on button on the front of the computer the power light blinks but then if I push the power button again the power light doesn't blink. I have to disconnect the power cord then reconnect it and the process starts all over again.

I've look online, everywhere I could think, but to no avail.

Can anyone give me any advice as to what is going on and perhaps what to do to fix it?

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I had this problem once with my HP AIO-PC 23-p110, which I think is the 2014 model. There were several posts online about soldering and some stuff about something getting worn or disconnected inside the machine, but my machine had barely been out of the box, so I didn't want to go that far.

The problem reminded me of a problem I had with my PlayStation 4 (PS4), which is somehow related to the power supply inside the machine (PSU). Without turning this into an answer to a question you didn't ask, what I ended up doing was pulling the plug from the back of the machine (not the wall), waiting a while (couple hours), and then plugging it back in. This got it to turn on. Once it was on, I did what I did on the PS4 and modified the power settings in the system. I extended the time it takes for the machine to go to sleep or turn off. This way the PSU is regularly getting power.

Both seem to be working fine now. I hope this helps.

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[1] Test to see if your power brick (external AC adapter) is working.

If you have a green light on the back of the unit when everything is plugged in, my first assumption is that the brick is working.

[2] if you get a brief sound of fan noise, and a brief blue light in the front, this is a sign that the internal sensors for power are shutting down the machine as soon as it detects a short or some other problem in the internal PSU or mother board.

[3] If you have recently moved the unit (before the problem) I would re seat the memory and hard drive connections. (This is really a forlorn hope kind of fix. It is hoping that an easy to fix problem is the one you have, but it is almost certainly not the case.)

[4] Most likely a bad capacitor in the power supply circuits or a short circuit.

I am taking the memory and hard drive out of mine as we speak since the unit is not worth saving.

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May be is the GPU and you have to reflow it, if not you should to review the AC Adapter, if you can obtain a new one to check it with your computer and please let us know the result.

Best Regards,


PCFix Satélite

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