24" display; Built-in iSight Camera, Microphone, and Speakers; 1920x1200 resolution. Released October 2008, identified by model number A1267.

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Black Screen with Sound

I used to have my Mac Mini (2009 edition) connected to my living room tv. Since we recently upgraded the surround sound, I was wanting to connect it back to my 24" cinema display in the office, but when I connected everything and powered on, I'm not getting any picture. Just a black screen. I've done minor troubleshooting using my Mini and my Air. The mini still connects fine via mini display port to my tv, and my air will transfer sound to the cinema display via the usb. Is there a way to determine if the display port connection on the all-in-one cable to the cinema display is bad? Or at this point am I forced into trial and error with swapping out parts? Please let me know if you have any ideas. Trying not to buy a new display in new parts. >.<

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Hi everybody.

i have the same bug and i looking for a resolution.

I have black screen but with a magnate torch, i see the screen make a very light display.

The sound is ok. USB also.

my mac recognize the screen.

when i plug the monitor, everything is ok for 1sc and after... black screen.

sometinmes, everything are ok for few days.

Have you a idea ?

PS: excuse my bad english, my mother language is french ;)


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We've seen a lot of these displays fail more recently. The issue is, there isn't really a reliable source for the parts of these displays. Apple class all the cinema display models as 'Vintage' now (even the thunderbolt 27" model), so the only option is after market sources, which dry up pretty quickly...

That being said, if you shine a torch on the display and can see a faint image, and the mac can see the external display as being connected (check under the 'Graphics/Display' tap of the system profiler, or system information panel. it should show up showing the display as being connected with its resolution noted, even if the external display is blank)

if that is the case, then it is more likely to be one of 3 things. The LCD having failed, the internal logic board or the PSU. The all in one cable does wear and fail on occasion, but in our experience, this causes intermittent connection issues, so it wouldn't be showing up in the system information panel, and wouldn't be showing a faint image.

Basically, 2 feeds go to the display, so its helpful to know which has failed. You get backlight feed, and you get image. If you can see a faint image, then your backlight feed has failed.

Same goes for your display @schwinny. It is likely that your backlight feed is beginning to fail, so it will need tracing, but its a separate issue to the image feed, which is unaffected from what you've noted in your symptoms.

I hope this helps.

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Well I'm not sure if this is the case in apple monitors but in most lcd monitors the first component to go bad is the capacitors in the power supply. This will cause the display to turn on very dim and take several minutes to brighten up or to display black. If you think the monitor is at fault and you have checked your connections thoroughly it might be worth taking it apart to look at the capacitors. If they are bad they will sometimes have a bulge on the top, they should (when working correctly) be perfectly flat. They can go bad without the bulge but this could be a good place to start.

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I Have the same issue. Only difference, mine if i switch the power on and of a while, it comes back.

So i guess not the backlight. Is it helps to figure out which one is my issue?

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I have exactly the same problem. Any ideas?


Same issue. Yesterday the light dimmed. Today the monitor went black. Unplugging everything - and power straight from wall; Have been able to get it back on once--5 minutes and now "black." No icons, no nothing. Have sound and all from mac mini. Its the display.. Why did I pay so much for this junk!


If you click on the Apple logo => About This Mac => System Report => Graphics/Displays do you see the second monitor listed? If you have the USB cable connected to your other mac, also check out "Audio" in the system report and see if that shows up.

For me, I have the USB communication but not the mini display communication. I found a replacement all in one cable that I plan on swapping in to see if that clears things ups


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