How do I change my touchpad settings?

I can't find my touchpad settings.

I read online I should be able to find this in control panel > hardware and sound > mouse > touchpad or device settings.

However I have very few tabs and these don't seem to exist.

so I went here to download the touchpad driver

It's called synaptics

Now I have a few more tabs including device settings but I can't find anything relating to a touchpad.

This is my problem.

My right button beneath my touchpad is broken so I want to switch the left and right mouse click but unfortunately that also makes the doubletap on the touchpad a right mouse click. Obviously I need that to remain a left click.

So I guess I want to do something like

Switch left click to right click in mouse settings (can do)

map doubletap to the right click(functioning as the left click) (can't find this option)

So in the end I want to double tap for a left click and use the left button for a right click.

Any ideas?

Answer this question I have this problem too

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rather than trying to manipulate the track pad why not just us hot keys for your function requiremnts


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