Volume rocker doesn't click

Up button on the volume rocker no longer clicks. It changes the volume, but I don't feel, that the button was pushed. Is there a way to fix it?

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Just curious. Was the 'click' a tactile sensation or an audible one? Is the Volume down button different, does it click? Given that the volume still responds to button presses I am wondering if there is a setting in the Settings >Sound> area that enables/disables a sound on a button press.


Hi, it was a tactile sensation. I could increase volume while it's in my pocket without hearing it, I just felt the click. Now I can't.

I actually took it apart and tried to tweak the rocker from inside. It started to click a little bit, but stopped after a while.


Hi, Just thought maybe it shouldn't have 'clicked', in the first place and now it is just wearing in. You could always check 'in store' and see if a new one does the same. At least you would know, one way or the other.


No, the volume down and power buttons still click. I might try to take the back of the phone apart and take the rocker out, maybe clean it of dust of something. Does anyone have an idea how to take it out of its socket? I suspect I'd have to take the whole phone apart to free it.


Hi, I am having exactly the same issue. I just use the OnePlus 2 as my secondare phone and I always take good care of it. The buttones on the right hand side are tiny. They are longish, very thin pieces of metallic plastic. Without the tactile click it's very hard to feel / use the buttons at all.

Pretty much out of the blue the volume up part (top part) of the rocker lost the clicky tactile feel on my phone. Any suggestions regarding a potential solution is highly appreciated.


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