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Why do I have a big white square on my plasma tv

When I turn on my 58" Panasonic plasma HDTV I get a big white square on the right bottom of my screen can anybody PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help find a solution THANK YOU

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Hi, What is the model number of your TV? Is the rest of the screen working OK? If your TV has Picture in Picture (PiP) option , you haven't accidentally turned it on with your remote?


The model of the plasma TV is : TH-58PZ700U the make is Panasonic and I don't see any pip button or function on the remote and the TV also the big square is showing in the top middle of the screen and it goes from top to half way of the screen

BTW thank you so much for your response help and suggestion but please if you could some how by good chance find whats causing this or what part is defective and needs replacement hopefully it will be an inexpensive and easy fix I would sooo appreciate your effort help and time that I will gladly be willing to find a way to recompensate you for this miracle cause its been a long long while that I've been looking for a solution



Noam vaknin post a couple of images of what your screen looks like with your question. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that


Hi, You first said it was located on bottom right of screen, now you say it is in the top middle. Is it in a different place every time you turn it on? Does it stay in the same place until you turn off the TV or does the square 'move' while you watch? You also didn't say if the rest of the screen was working, showing a good picture. What video input source are you using, Antenna, HDMI, Composite Video (red/white/yellow cable), Component (red/blue/green + red/ white cable)?


Noam, Unfortunately I had a similar problem with our 50" Panasonic plasma. The box was in a fixed position in the lower left corner of the screen while watching the video source TV for Dish Network through an HDMI. We tried switching the source, buying a new HDMI cable, resetting all settings to default, and troubleshooting with Dish Network via phone. Finally we called Panasonic and when they were unable to resolve the issue, we began to accept that this box was here to stay. Eventually we moved it on in my son's room, he is blind and it doesn't bother him. He loves the idea of a really big tv and likes the soundbar we kept with it. I am following your post though in hopes that someone else knows what to do, best of luck!


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Hi Noam,

Just found this if you are willing to try.

Went to the Panasonic support website for the TH-58PZ700U and there is "firmware' available to download and also 'firmware instructions' available. Doesn't state that it is 'updated' firmware or whether it is the original version.

It may be that 'reinstalling the firmware may solve the problem.

I downloaded the firmware but it just states that it is and when you unzip it it contains a SDDL.SEC file 5.092Mb in size.

According to the download instructions the TV knows if it is the right firmware or not. I don't know if it allows you to reload the same version of firmware or not.

Be aware I have no idea what this will do, it may even 'brick' your TV. Theoretically firmware from the maker should be safe but you are warned

Hi Allison,

If you just 'google' (insert your model number here - not make, just number presumably starting with 'th') firmware update and look for result which mentions it should take you to the support page for your model and hopefully there is a firmware option for you too.

I just googled this for Noam's TV " th-58pz700u firmware update"

Hopefully this may solve it for you both. If it works it will probably reset the TV back to factory default condition and you will have to set it up again, like when you first bought it.

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