Display on Rain Bird EST-6TM reads Program Off

I changed the battery and fuse and it still reads PR OFF,when I disconnect the AC power it still reads PR-OFF, when I take the battery out it still reads PR-OFF. It wont let me input anything.

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Just verifying that at one stage you have removed all power sources at once, i.e. no battery and AC connected. Also try removing all power options and then turn switch to run for 30 seconds (to hopefully reset by draining any residual power, then restore to off and reapply power. Sorry if you have done this already


Thank you sir, I tried your suggestion but it did not work.


I unplug power cord, it still reads "PR OFF". I removed the battery, the screen turned blank. I put the battery back in, it reads "PR OFF" again. I kept the controller unplugged for a week, the reading still stays the same, and nothing works or changes.


Hi @Tim Banh,

You might have to get technical.

With the power disconnected check the mainboard to see if there are any obvious problems showing e.g. burnt out or heat stressed components, blown capacitors etc.

if you suspect a component but are not sure you'll have to ask your 'comment ' as a new question. That way you can post images of it so that someone may be able to help. (you can't post an image in a comment)

Also your problem will get wider exposure as not too many people review the 'comments' in a 2 year old question with no answer. ;-)

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