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So I have a white AT&T Galaxy Note i717 the very first Note...The first Note was released in the US in Feb. 2012 sold for 299.00 with a 2 year contract. ..or the sky rocket price of like 800.00 Without?! I bought mine outright. In SEP2012 I didnt have insurance or anything on it?? I still have this phone because I ended up losing my job and I am a single mom...that being said i have had t ok replace the charging port twice and so I didnt want to replace it a third I bought a external battery charger and a couple extra batteries from amazon...and I just switch them out...I had problems within the first six months...of having the phone and buying it new not referbished! I have also had to replace the motherboard...I was attached to the phone. ..had all my videos and pics of my kids...saw it being a hassle to get a different phone ....just thought I could fix it and be done with?! Well I was wrong because with it all being said and done I have spent enough money trying to replace things that were faulty fron the start!! And trying to fix this "lemon"of a phone! Here I am still switching out batteries from this stupid thing...I could have had a new one with what I spent!!! I know that it is a three year old phone. ...but I also know that there were many people that dealt with the same problems feeling like they got a lemon phone too! Did samsung ever compensate anyone for this crappy faulty lemon phone?! Is there anything I can do even though time has passed?! Small claims?! Ect. If I showed proof of repairs?! And such? I just feel so upset that I have struggled with this phone pretty much from the start....and now? The phone wants to take 3minutes to send a text sometimes??! When it is acting up....freezing....difficult to make phone calls as well....glitches....shuts off just for no reason at times?! I have a feeling I wont have a phone soon...and u cant afford another one :( I think with all the grief I have dealt with this thing and still do everyday until it finally stopped working completely.I think Samsung you should give me a working phone for all my troubles....because I cant just not have a phone....I have two little babies and no family....any suggestions....??? Im guessing I am gonna just be poop out of luck. ...but it does not hurt to try ti get feed back?! I have searched the internet looking for something?! But no luck..Thank you for any advice please...

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The best advice I would say is either take it to the carrier you bought it from and see what they can do. Or get a hold of Samsung and see if you can RMA it since you prove that you have had nothing but issues. However, if you volunteer the information you had it repaired externally from their company they will probably state you violated their TOS and Voided you warranty from such repairs. My question to you as a consumer why in the world did you not return the phone in beginning when it would still be covered by the purchase warranty if you thought it was a "LEMON" from the beginning. I can understand your attachment and situation but some responsibility falls to the consumer. That being said I would speak with Samsung directly and try to get them to do the repair for you for free once you tell them all the issues you are having. Something else you may want to try is looking into those programs that provide cell phones to people who are need, not sure of the process or whatever but there is help out there if your main concern is being able to be contacted due your children. And lastly I agree that with what you said about all the money spent on those repairs you probably could have gotten a better/newish phone. Not to say this would solve all your problems but its a start.

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@mandy785 I absolutely agree with @n3rdb0t on this. The problem here is that you had issues with the phone during a time period where Samsung would have most likely repaired/replaced it, but that has come and gone. Personally I do not see that your carrier or Samsung are going to be helping you. Consider cutting your losses, back your phone up and try to get a cheaper phone/ plan through AT&T until you are back on your feet. If you need a cheap phone, I have a Nokia Lumia 520 that you can have free of charge.


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