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White Screen - Replaced Logic Board, Screen, Hard Drive, Battery

Hey folks, hoping someone can shine some light on this or point me to the proper pathway for a solution. I have an iPod Classic 120gb. I dropped it on a wooden deck when it slipped out of my hand; roughly a 3 foot drop. After picking up the iPod the screen was mainly white immediately after the drop but had some lines across it as well. I shut it down and plugged it in to charge it overnight. Tried it again in the morning and all I would get was 'white screen' when it would normally turn on and when I would force it to shut off I would get the dimly lit 'dark grey screen'. Hard Drive also sounded a little noisy that next morning too.

When I got home a few days later I plugged into my iMac and it would still show up but had issues synchronizing to iTunes. I assumed after reading some blogs that it could be the screen was dead, screen connection was loose or Hard Drive was toasted.

I ordered a used replacement screen from iFixit, swapped it out with the exact same 'white screen' result.

I then ordered a new Toshiba 1.8"drive from an online store on eBay, swapped it, restored it through iTunes on my iMac and it successfully came up in iTunes and I was able to sync it properly. I am able to play music from it and hear the click wheel move and button clicks happen but still have the 'white Screen'.

I've checked, removed and reinstalled the ribbon cable connections for the click wheel, screen and hard drive 5-6 times with no different result.

I then ordered a new Logic Board and Battery from iFixit, installed, carefully connected all ribbon cables and tested. Immediately only got 'white screen' and/or 'dark grey' screen. Connected to iTunes and 'restored iPod' and as before can see it appear properly in iTunes and am able to transfer music, can play music with iPod and can hear the click wheel and select button selecting.

I am stumped!! Please help!!

I can't see any places where the ribbon cables are not squarely inserted or that any of the ribbons are torn in any way. I also last night even swapped the old hard drive into the device and 'restored with iTunes' and it successfully rebuilt and showed up in iTunes and could once again load some music, disconnect from iTunes, play some music from iPod and could once again 'blindly cycle through the menus'.

I then disconnected the 'Hold Switch' and 'Headphone Jack' ribbon cable and reconnected the battery with the same disappointing 'white screen' popping up.

I then reconnected the old original screen with no better results.

There is basically nothing left to replace!!

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Assuming your comment was from January of 2016, did you ever find the fix? I've run into the same scenario with an iPod Photo. New HD, battery and logic board and now a white screen. I can hear the click wheel and it holds songs, but the display is not working.


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The problem is in the ribbon cable or the cable connector . Using a magnifying glass check the video display connector for cracks on the solder at each of the pins. do the same on the logic board end you will probably find at least one crack or popped pin if you see nothing there check the copasitors on the logic board around the video cable connector. Hope this helps and for micro soldering help @jessabethany your best bet for apple She has some great teaching videos and if you want you can mail to her and she does fix for you . Hope this helps

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