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Why my phone is not ringing?

My phone does not ring, it just vibrates.

Update (01/07/2016)

I have tried all of the suggestions, none worked. Tech at Metro says that a Dolby Digital Plus may have been activated which he couldn't delete the app.

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I'm having the same issue uggggg i only had this phone 6 days


Me too 3days and I can't hear ring or dial tone when calling..Volume not great either


My sound is not working

On my ZTE


my phone has volume. cant hear when a call is coming in


My phone doesn't ring or vibrate. Why


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3 Answers

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Have you checked the following

1. Touch the Home Key > Menu Key > System settings > Sound.

2. Touch Phone ringtone

3. Scroll through the ringtone list and select the ringtone you want to use.

4. Touch OK to save.

Also check the following

Adjusting Volumes

1. Touch the Home Key > Menu Key > System settings > Sound >


2. Adjust the volume for the ringtone volume

3. Touch OK to save.

Also check that you haven't enabled silent mode with vibrate

Touch the Home Key > Menu Key > System settings > Sound >

Silent mode, and touch Vibrate or Mute.

Update (01/12/2016)

Hi belindaanderson16,

What you need to do now is prove whether you have a OS or software problem.

My suggestion is to do the following:

1. Ensure the phone's battery is fully charged.

2. Backup the phone using the backup feature.

3. Do a factory restore using the factory restore feature, - this will erase all your downloaded apps and user data and restore your phone to a factory default condition. Like it was when you first bought it.

If the ringtones still don't work after this, it is a OS problem. Check the warranty period of the phone and if still valid contact the manufacturer's customer service section regarding a warranty repair / replacement.

If it works then one of your downloaded apps may have caused the problem, When you restore your phone to what it was, using your backup, if it fails again it is one of the downloaded apps, if not it may have been a setting that wasn't restoring properly and has now cleared..

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There's no speaker working and with the headphones the speaker volume is real low.


Thanks so much


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My zte zmax pro doesnt say somebody is calling me, when they are calling. For example my dad called me to make sure im awake but it doesnt ring or vibrate and doesnt show he is calling. But my brother calls and it works, and when my dad gets home from work he calls and it works. Why is this happening?

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What indication does your Dad get when he makes these calls to you? Does he hear ring tone or nothing or what? Does he let it ring out to make sure that you have enough time to answer?

Have you checked your phone's call logs to see if the call even got to the phone?

If it doesn't show up in the incoming call logs then perhaps the problem is with your Dad's phone or network provider.

How many other people say they have the same problem contacting you? Does your brother ever have a similar problem contacting you?


I have the same problem. My husband and I have the exact same phone but for some reason mine no longer gets calls and he can be right beside me and nothing happens. But I'll have a voicemail from whoever calls me.


Hi Ashley Roberts,

Have you checked in Phone app call divert settings to make sure that they are not set to divert i/c calls to voicemail immediately?


I have the same problem, it doesn't ring or vibrate, just a notice I missed the call. I have tried calling it and it doesn't ring, just goes right to voicemail. And of course sometimes it works.


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I have same problem and. Went to the store they can't figure it out f your phone is new and less then three months old and is in perfect condition they will order you a warranty phone. Comes in five to seven work days

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