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Repair guides and support for vacuums by Dyson, including upright, canister, and handheld vacuums.

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What doi do if it has no suction?

Dyson DC50 is just blowing dirt around not sucking it up—what do I do?

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I’m going to presume you have emptied the drum, checked the little red handled tube from the extension hose and checked that the hose is clear and no blockages in the main holes.

1) Remove the drum and check their is no debris in one of the Elephant nose like tubes, that lead into the drum. It’s a choke point where debris can build up.

2) Now push the empty the waste drum (hopefully empty), and hold it so you see the leaver and bar on the back side of the Dyson’s drum. You are looking for a grey button on the back that looks like astronauts ribbed shoe’s underside. Push it in, and the clear plastic drum housing will separate from the cyclone. Carefully remove the clear plastic drum and check the previously hidden, vents.

These get blocked quite often and are not listed by Dyson despite my own petition, that this should be in the manual. I would flip the lid on the filter hidden in the centre of the drum, under the handle and visually check with a torch that that their is no blockage reforestation reassembly.

Putting the plastic drum is a bit fiddly, but with some light jossiling, you will see the half moon shape guide on the back to help you alingn the drum correctly it will feel locked if you assemble it correctly, with the tiny tilt towards the front of the drum and clear plastic going in first, before clipping the Grey catch on the back side.

Now close the opened flap, put the filter back on (follow the wash instructions if it looks dusty and drying rules), then put it back onto the top of the dysons body. You should be all set.

Their is a second filter in the wheels, but is fiddly to remove and check / clean.

Try the vaccume cleaner and it should now be working.

Update (02/26/2018)

I appreciate my vaccume needs a clean!

After taking off the Dyson DC50’s Waste Drum, (This might be similar for other Dyson models).

Rotate so you see the back side of the drum, as pictured. The tab you want, is hidden under the red arm, but can only be accessed, once the waste bin has been opened to dispense the trash.

Block Image

Press down again on the waste dump button, and with the waste panel open, the Grey button reveals its self to you.

Block Image

Till you fully see the Grey button, finally visible in this picture.

Block Image


Now push the Grey button and you release the clear plastic outer casing of the drum from the internal drum structure.

As you will see in the next two images, there is both a duct on the side and a screened vent, the smaller vent on the back side, helps to develope the cyclone, drawing in high pressure air, whilst the mesh is for when the vaccume gets a bit blocked and allows air to bypass the filter, reducing the vaccume force deramatically. So check both the side vent and give a wipe over the meshed area as well, Incase their is any loose partials visible.

Block Image

Block Image


Finally reverse the direction of disasembly to reassemble the dyson. Getting the clear plastic onto the drum is a bit fiddly, but it does go on again. It’s worth checking and cleaning the top filter in accordance with Dyso S cleani gbguidelines, before doing some vacuuming, just in case.

Here is how to access the filter, whilst the drum is separate from the dysons body.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

just pull out the purple sock like thing and give it a wash, leaving it to dry over a good few days.

Block Image


Now put the drum back on the dyson and you should be all set. Their is a second filter, hidden in one of the sides of the ball, but it’s a bit fiddely to go through, as it’s snowing outside and I am going out to play :0)

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This is the best help!!! I was browsing for a new vacuum, youve saved me some cash! Thank you so much for the pics and easy instructions. Massively appreciated


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