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Released April 2013, model numbers GT-N5100 (3G & Wifi), GT-N5110 (Wifi), and GT-N5120 (3G, 4G/LTE & Wifi)

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Tablet will not STAY on

A couple of problems that may be related:

1. tablet will not do anything unless it is connected to AC power

2. when connected to power, the green battery symbol shows 3/4 full but then next image says 100%

3. when I do turn it on, it stays on for only 1 sec then turns off again. I get the Samsung name up, the start of the blue twirly symbol, then off it goes.

4. I tried a BIOS restart (hold down home, up volume and power buttons) and the writing that I would expect for a restart shows briefly but again the tablet turns itself off.

Any suggestions? Is there a short or something inside the tablet?

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If your tablet functions normally when connected to the charger but not when only on the battery, even though it shows that it is fully charged, it means that your battery is failing and needs to be replaced.

Here is a link that shows how it is done.

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Hi Jayeff

thanks for the response. The tablet unfortunately does not turn on fully on the charger, and does not turn on at all with battery only. I did open up the back and take out the battery previously as it would not turn on at all before. So since taking out the battery, I have a glimmer of it turning on when on charger but it won't stay on, and does not respond with battery only.

Any other suggestions?


Hi Rita,

Does your charger state that is a DC 5V 2A (2A=2000mA) output model, (it should be written on the adapter)? If so my only other suggestion, as your problem seems to me to be power related, is that you try and get hold of another compatible charger (ensure the value is as above) and see if behaves the same way when charging. Allow it to charge for several hours even if it says fully charged, then try turning it on.

My thinking is that 'if' your original charger is not supplying the correct volts/amps it may have 'charged' your battery to a 'shallower' depth. Not a real technical description I know but depth of charge does affect battery performance.


Hi Jayeff, I have a couple of chargers and tried the tablet on both of them. One (thecoopidea) says its an AC Adapter with output of 5V 5.1A and the other is a Samsung travel Adapter with 5V and 2A. I think the tablet is charging OK and when I can glimpse the charged output it is at least 3/4 full on the battery figure, but then also says 100%. Could it be the power button keeping a 'connection'? If so, can that be fixed?


Hi Rita,

The Power button is not an on/off type switch. It only makes contact for as long as you hold it. When it is closed, this is detected and the system carries on with what it is programmed to do with a power button 'closed' signal. It is sophisticated, it even knows how long it is closed for. Basically it can tell the difference between a short press and a long press. So, in answer to your question if the button was 'sticking' closed it might cause a problem. Whether it is 'your' problem, I don't know. It is hard to tell even if you had the tablet open as the button is a sealed unit.

Found another thing that you might try. Hold all the buttons (volume up and down, and power) in at the same time for about ten seconds while the device is plugged into the charger,which is on. I have read that this seems to reset the tablet and its charging circuit. other than that , I'm afraid I cannot think of anything more to help you.


Hi Jayeff....tried your suggestion but it didn't turn on, reset, or fix the problem.

Thanks for your suggestions. I may need to send it back to Samsung or something. I have since bought a Samsung Tab S2 which is great.

Regards, Rita


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