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The HP G62 is a laptop series produced by HP. G62 laptops are identifiable by the model number G62-XXX-XX, and endings vary depending on options and seller.

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My Notebook is not able to start

Once I press the Power button, it seems that my computer starts like always do. But, somehow, after a few seconds of normal activity, the fan switches off and the computer remains in a state of apparent hibernation. During this process, the screen remains off and black, and does not turn on. In addition, the LED power button stays on all the time and the computer does not respond to any key.

My hypotheses are:

1. Something is wrong with the fan (not probably).

2. Something is wrong with the graphics or the screen (I don't think so)

3. Something is wrong with the BIOS (maybe the computer can't load the BIOS, maybe there is a problem with the BIOS battery).

4. Something is wrong with the processor (maybe there is a thermal issue or something worse).

Any ideas or possible solutions? I will try to unmount the computer and clean the inside...and see if that helps.


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Have you tried starting it with the power adapter connected and switched on? What happens then? Same as when only on the battery or not?



I tried starting my notebook with the following configurations:

1. Only with battery.

2. Only with power connector.

3. Both of them.

But in all cases is the same...


do you get the bios screen ? or does the screen stay dark? have you tried a static discharge boot. Have you tried removing ram and replacing with know good ram. try ram in different dim slots 1 at a time . could be bad dim slot or bad ram.


I've got dark screen all the time. I've tried a static discharge boot (30s + 30s...). I've tried to swap RAM cards. I've tried to put one RAM card at a time in the different DIM slots. But viewing another posts, now I think that there is a high probability that the failure comes from the GPU. If finally that's the case, it's possible to fix the GPU?


Really stupid thought. have you tried connecting an external monitor to see if there is any display present at any stage. It might verify that your GPU has failed.

Also you might have this already but here is a link to the service manual for the HP G62.


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2 Answers

Do you hear some beep when you try to start the laptop ?

You can try to know what is the problem if you have some beep at startup with this link :

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The notebook do not make any beep. The only sound I hear is the FAN for a few seconds.


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All right. That's the news:

I tried to reflow the GPU following this video on YT:

Now my notebook is able to start! In the first start some checksum indications appeared and then some confirmation for contiue with the system loading. Finally, Windows 7 starts. Great.

But, there are also bad news: I've got a problem with the FAN. It is OFF all the time! I don't know what is the cause, but my notebook now make a beep when the main power connector is plugged in. It is only one endless beep. And It seems there are no help for this case!

Any ideas?


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Have you connect the fan power to the motherboard ?


Try to make the default bios configuration using the BIOS. To access the bios, hit F10 when the computer is starting up.


All right people, it seems I've got a problem with my system fan. Solutions are explained in this link:

I'm going to try to fix this problem following some instructions and then I'll feedback.

Thanks a lot.


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