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I have a Polaroid LED TV Model 40GSR3100F. There are 5 boards. A main control board with the power supplies. What I believe is an LED driver board(that is marked LVDS) that has two cables that connect it to a T-con. Two cables connect to the screen connection boards from the T-con. The screen is black and there is good sound. If I use a flashlight close to the screen, I can see a picture and movement. There is 11.90 vdc & 1.2 vdc at the connector that is between the main control board and the LED driver board. There is also 45 vdc on the main control board. The LVDS output connectors have 11.90 vdc and 1.2 vdc. Both connect to the T-con.

I think the A14031008 - 0h01151 LED driver Board is the culprit. It also has a number LSC400HF04 - W on the tag. Screened on the board is PL.MS6M30K.1. Does anyone have a way with just a Fluke 115 to test the board to make sure it's bad? or find the bad component.

Update (12/20/2015)

I found the backlight voltage supply cables. There are two pairs. A red wire with 43.6 volts and the black wire with ground. If I unplug the two cables the voltage goes up too 45.4 volts. Both cables act the same. Does anyone think the 43.6 volts is good to light the LED backlight? Would anyone know where to find the answer?

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I can't find a replacement board. I think the next step should be get the schematics for the TV. The service manual for a Polaroid 40GSR3100F would have that plus some other useful things. With the lack of spare parts I bet a service manual will be in short supply also. Does anyone have any ideas?


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