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How is replacement of the home button done?


Hi there,

I've found quite a lot of instructions to disassemble the iPhone 3G and q&a that involve the home button ... but nothing that really describes what is to be done to only do a replacement of the home button.

When I had the phone open to work on other things I saw the home button covered by some adhesive strips. Is it just that trivial - removing the strips, pull the button out and replace it, join together all things vice-versa?



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you need to take the digitiser screen off as the home button has 2 small tabs that are kept it in place by the screen. then you can take the adhesive strip off the back of the home button and replace it. the button itself comes out easily but the flex that goes through the midframe is a little tricky. you need to lift it to perpendicular and then ease the prongs on the flex through, vice versa for installing. you can just buy the flex or the entire button and flex on various sites. just be careful with the prongs as they are delicate and easily flattened.

if yours isn't working take a look at the prongs first and just see that they aren't flattened-try gently easing them up-might save you taking digitiser off/replacing the button.

thanks, I did it today ... so I found out that the button itself is working - but only when I press it very firmly. I decided not to change it but did a cleaning with 90 pct alcohol, cotton tips and cold hairdryer. After rebuild it works just fine, so the button was only dirty :-) So I have a button in spare now ;-(

Udo Gerber,

one day you'll need it...


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