How do I fix my drowned iPod touch?

my ipod touch was submerged in water how do i fix it?

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Hello Jacob,

i washed my Ipod touch and Iphone by accident for 2 hours in the washing machine after coming home from the gym. Since i like everything smelling good i always do a double wash. I realized i left my devices in the washer only when i left for work. I quickly returned and i found both devices fully soaked with detergent inside the screens. I was devastated, lost 2 extensions of myself in one instant. IPODS/IPHONES, Apple made them tough because people will use them for roughly. Here is what you need to do As soon as possible. this worked for me


  • sharp tool to pry open screen
  • jeweler screw driver set.
  • tray

Block Image

  • fan/heater ( i bought this fan heater at walmart for $15.00

Block Image

  • bag of rice
  • wood broom or plastic pole, no metal objects
  • follow Ifixit or any other website that shows how to take it apart. i provided a link to watch. there are many out there

step 1: tear down IPOD touch as much as you can and layout all pieces in a tray. i used a wire tray to keep parts off the ground and allow air to flow underneath.

step 2: Place a fan/heater as closes as possible over the parts for 4 days.

  1. use heater only when you can monitor it. that is to prevent any fires when using heaters.

step 3: ever other day move parts around to get air (hot) is other places.

step 4: after 4th day put all parts in bag of rice and seal it for 2 days

step 5: remove parts and using dry cloth remove any rice dust.

step 6: tap a little to see if any water is till in Ipod parts if there is,do steps 2-5 again. there must be no water when you turn it back on!

step 7: put back together carefully and recharge Ipod. once you plug it back in to charge be attentive for any burning smells or smoke. if the you see smoke or funny smells coming from your ipod, use the broom or plastic pole to smack it off charging device, never use your hands, could cause electrical shock.

step 8: it may take a day on the charger to get it working again. it took me 1 1/2 days before i saw the apple logo.

Step 9 : if all is well then GREAT if not check the following:

step 10: if nothing happens, plug in ear phone and listen for any noise, by quickly tapping home button twice. this will get ipod in play mode from the lock screen. touch in the middle approximately just below were the clock is at when its in lock mode. if you hear anything, screen connection my be loose. this happened to my Ipod. ( if you have a friend with an Ipod, you can use his as to see where to place your finger to play music)

step 11: connect to you computer and turn on Itunes. if the IPOD is working you will see it on iTunes, touch the tabs, to see if the hard drive is still responding and sync. i tried putting it against my ear put i only keep hearing my heart.recheck your connections and ensure all is connected properly and snaps in. if ipod is working, but display is not responding you may have fried the circuit to display or display is damaged. you may want to get another display if feasible. or just pop of your buddies display and try it on yours.make sure its same model.


step 12: if ipod is working but no display, make it into a jukebox. you can buy a ipod radio, and use the controls on the radio to play music! put the face of you sweetheart in the screen and presto, ipod frame with your sweet heart singing you the songs you want.

if you have any questions just ask. I fixed quite a few APPLE PRODUCTS!


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