Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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Wifi ic/module getting really hot after drop

Hi, I really need some help with my Iphone 6 mainboard. After a drop on the floor, the display got damaged and I replaced it. Right after turning the iPhone back on, I noticed that the backside beneath the camera is getting a little too warm. I tested the Wifi and found out, that it doesn't show any networks even though it should. So I took a closer look at the ic itself: As soon as I connect the battery, the modul heats up and after 10 seconds it is so hot, that it hurts touching it. I tried to reflow the chip using a heatgun with a 600° celcius setting for about 30 seconds with aluminum foil protecting the other parts with no luck, it still does not work the way it should. I can use the iPhone until it tells me that the it needs to cool down and I am only able to make emergency calls.

So this is what I think: somewhere around the chip or the chip itself must create some kind of short or bad connection, because even if I dont turn on the iPhone (I tried to connect only the battery once, with the same result) the ic starts heating up(airplane mode does not help either).

Is there anything else I can do?

(The iPhone is this under warranty)

Block Image

Block Image

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Same issue with mine except mine got ran over by a car... Lol. I will try putting a new wifi/bluetooth ic on if noone figures it out.

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So i removed the wifi ic and sure enough the board operates at normal temp and still turns on(no bluetooth or wifi obviously)


Replacing the wifi ic fixed mine on an iPhone 6


Cameron, because my solution can help other people too. Not just the OP. Most of the time I come across ifixit posts is by googling specific issues.

Why are you posting your useless reply about other comments at all? At least make some sort of effort to be useful.


I have a similar problem, but in my case, I dropped the phone from the couch. The WiFi started failing since I updated to iOS 10.2.3, I was able to connect only to 5.0GHz networks, but the regular 2.4 signals I was able to see them only if I was next to the AP. Then I noticed my Bluetooth headphones started dropping every time I put my phone in my pocket, and later after that my GPS did not picked up my location. So I got to the conclusion that it was the WiFi card, I replaced it, but it only worked for like 10 days. In an important note, I noticed that the phone started heating only when I played some games, if I don't open those apps it does not heat up. At least not to much. So I don't know if is WiFi or if it is something else. Please help me find out what is the problem, I only have 1 year with the device.


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Hey Simon, did you ever find a fix for this? I have the same issue with a 6s, everything on the board looks good under a microscope but I don't even know where to begin with the multimeter!

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