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The Asus Transformer Book T100TA is a full Windows 8.1 hybrid tablet.

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Keyboard not working at all, no software problem, dock is good 2

Hey there,

The keyboard of the t100TA used to disconnect and connect again once a day when moved, but now it just stopped working for good. I first checked the keyboard and other t100s could recognize it fine, I updated the drivers, installed Windows again, nothing helps. I also opened the tablet to see if the keyboard connection had been disconnected, but nothing visible.

Anyone has any idea what I can do? I am not trying to find the part that should be replaced with no success so far...

Any help would be appreciated!

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Is the info here relevant to your problem especially about the bios update


The problem that I have mine is that it’s not the keyboard connector. It’s the one on the tablet. So I was going to pair it with a blue tooth keyboard and case. But that brings to mind another problem. What case will fit the best


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My problem was even worse as not only did the keyboard not work but randomly when I turned the computer on a random letter (I think the letter “y”) would appear in the password box and would replicate itself 20-30 times. It would simply go flying by in the password box. When attempting to type using the keyboard usually nothing would appear but sometimes the letter “y” would appear 20 times or more. I reset the computer (twice), re-installed the driver, and tried every other fix suggested. I finally stumbled upon the following link and tried it. Lo and behold it worked and my keyboard now works!!! Go to the following link and follow the directions.

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Many people have answered the question correctly but not explained properly

Firstly make sure the battery of the Docking Station and Laptop are fully charged


Put on Bluetooth on your laptop by going to Settings and Devices

All the steps to do this are explained here as far the buttons are concerned

Basic Set Up - Step 1 to Step 3 in the link above

Follow as in the Link

Now you go to Step 4

Click on Pair

You will have either the option of automatically getting a password in numbers from the laptop - Shown in link Step 5


You will get the option of choosing your own password in numbers - Shown in link Step 6

Remember you will either reach Step 5 or Step 6 (Not Both - Please don't ask me why)

1) Now if you reached Step 5 and whatever number you get (example here is 63467904)

Enter that in the Docking Station Carefully Correctly and Slowly - Press Enter

You will not be able to read what you type on the Docking Station (example here is 63467904). That is why do it correctly and right.

It will automatically take you to Step 7 and connect your Docking Station

2) Now if you reached Step 6 instead of Step 5 then you have to choose the number (example let us choose here 12345678)

I chose 8 digits because I noticed Asus had automatically generated an 8 digit code

Then enter 12345678 on the tablet keypad of your computer in the white box and click Next

You will see the signal showing "connecting"

Now go to your Docking Station and enter 12345678 in the Docking Station Carefully Correctly and Slowly - Press Enter

You will not be able to read what you type on the Docking Station (example here now is 12345678). That is why do it correctly and right.

It will automatically take you to Step 7 and connect your Docking Station


To check if your Docking Station works well I used this trick (in case you have doubts on its functioning)

a) Switch off your Tablet

b) Make sure Docking Station is fully charged

c) Go to your mobile phone

d) Put both the Docking Station and Mobile Phone on Bluetooth Scan Mode

e) If you find the Docking Station try to connect it. It will give you a pairing number (example here is 63467904 - not always this number)

This means your Docking Station is perfect

(Absolutely a stupid way with no proper explanation by Asus. I wasted 3 hours figuring it out. I am no Geek. I did this all by trial and error. Nothing is wrong with your Bluetooth device on the docking station under most circumstances. Just to help others who got stuck and frustrated like me)

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الطريقة الصحيحه

1- تفعيل البلوتوث في الجهاز ولوحة المفاتيح

2- اذهب الى اضافة الاجهزه واختر اضافة لوحة المفاتيح

3- بعد طلب اضافة لوحة المفاتيح سوف يخرج طلب اقتران بوضع رقم للاقتران

4- تجد تحت مكان وضع رقم الاقتران كتابه وهي طلب رقم اقتران وسوف يخرج رقم عشؤائي طويل

5- اكتب الرقم الذي خرج على الكيب وورد واضغط موافق

اكتب على لوحة المفاتيح الرقم ولو كانت غير فعاله سوف تتعرف لوحة المفتاتيح على الرقم بعد ضغط انتر

( اهم نقطه رقم 5 ركز عليها )

وبالتوفيق للجميع

Google translate:

1 Activate Bluetooth in the device and keyboard

2. Go to Add Hardware and choose Add Keyboard

3 - After the request to add the keyboard will come out the request of coupling to put a number for the pairing

4 - You find the place under the number of the pairing book, which is the request of the number of association and will come out my long number

5 - Type the number that came out on the keyboard and press OK Type on the keypad if the number is not active. The keypad will recognize the number after pressing Inter (The most important point No. 5 focused on)

Good luck to all

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I have this issue the longest time (mine is Asus T100 CHI), and this article below seems to resolve it for good!

Basically, you go to Device Manager and disable the Power Management option for Bluetooth. So it is actually the bluetooth problem of Asus tablet, not the keyboard!

<<Always thought the Dock is bad, i bought another bluetooth keyboard to replace it, and then saw the same problem!! then i realize that’s why my bluetooth mouse also seems flaky… now i know it is actually the bluetooth of tablet’s problem (well, not the hardware but the driver and the power saving option, apparently)>>

Try it and i hope it works for you all too!



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