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The fourth generation Volkswagen Jetta, also called the MK4 or the Bora, is Volkswagen's family sedan.

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How to refill ac?

I have an 02 jetta, the blower still blows strong, its just the air is not coming out cold. Help!

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the condenser fans fail far more often than the air conditioner components do on these cars. Be sure your radiator fans are operating correctly before assuming there is a problem with the air conditioner.


almost all jettas, from 95 through 05, use a sanden compressor which has an internal suction pressure regulator which fails between 200k and 400 k miles depending on climate. Symptoms are slight cooling, more (still insufficient) with high rpms. The regulator can be replaced without removing the compressor if you are an experienced mechanic but you have to discharge the refrigerant (legally, please) and evacuate/recharge after you replace the regulator. The regulator costs less than $50.


Thanks so much l regas my 3 days ago the record is 525.9 the guy maybe there's leakage but it's still working thanks for your answer

M . Ankomah


how do you identify the ‘low side’ on 2005 vw jetta ac unit


How many cans of freon does it take to charge


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Ang, make sure that this is your problem. Double check to make sure that your temperature control cable works properly, Anyhow, to answer your question you recharge the ac from the low side valve/service port. It is located to the left of the engine close to the windshield washer reservoir. Follow the ac line on the left side of the engine facing the engine. The refill kits that are commonly available will only fit that port.

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You should not charge gas or refrigerant if your AC works well or even at lower performance level. There are many components in AC which might degrade the performance such as compressor, condenser and capillary tube. You should first consult technician of refrigeration and air conditioner or can take experts suggestions from amtek air reviews. Do not simply fill gas when your AC's performance is down. Filling or charge gas/refrigerant on your own is very RISKY. Some refrigerants are very toxic. It may harm to your health too.

Now coming to the procedure, You should do the followings to charge the gas in AC.

1. First find out the outlet with valve where we can exhaust the gas from AC.

2. You need to evacuate the system by vacuum pump. This involves removal of moisture and air entrapped during exhaust process.

3. Get mass flow meter ready and connect it in line between compressor and charging cylinder. Start the charging process initially slowly and then at required rate. You cannot fill more than recommended quantity as pressure-volume relation might change the phase change process for refrigerant.

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Smaller of the two fittings - large AC line is suction side - small port - charge here. Small line from compressor is high pressure side - larger of the two ports - monitor high pressure here if charging with a gauge set. Not necessary if just adding freon - add freon 134A till low side reads around 45psi

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