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Samsung washer - Stops mid-cycle

This Samsung WA456DRHDWR AA Washing Machine is less than 3 years old and seems to be having massive failures. It's a top-loader. At first I was getting errors codes indicating that there was an issue with the water level sensor. I replaced this part and no longer get those codes. But the washer continues to stop mid-cycle. It seems to stop anytime it is trying to transition from one cycle stage to the next (from wash to rinse, or from rinse to spin). If I stop the cycle and try to restart (or power it down then try), it will not restart at all. The only way I have found to get it to restart is to unplug the machine for an hour or more, then start over with whatever cycle I need at that point (full cycle, rinse and spin, or spin only).

I pulled the drain pump off and made sure nothing was stuck and it seems to be functioning correctly most times. Also, the water inlet, door lock, etc all seem to be functioning correctly. I am thinking that this is an issue with the control board and it will need to be replaced.

I am trying to find the easiest way to diagnose the control board since it is an expensive part. Of course Samsung is completely useless in helping or making good on this issue which seems to be prevalent on other forums.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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mmaness0, try to place the washer in service mode to see if and what error it may give you. The steps are very convoluted and a PITA (Samsung does not make it easy). So, to begin you will need to enter the Service Mode, press the Delay Start and AquaJetTM(WA456*)/Extra Rinse(WA422*/ WA400*) Keys for 3 seconds or until the unit sends out beeping sounds. After that follow more of the instruction from the technical manual which you can download from the bottom of this page. Remember that this model is plagued with various faults and a bad wiring harness. You may be going down a very long and deep rabbit hole:-) ==>> asc20130509001.pdf<<== service bulletin

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I have already done the service mode and all the various tests included in that. They didn't provide me any additional clues. It didn't give me any additional errors codes beyond the sporadic codes I already saw in regular mode, also the drain pump test, etc would work half the time, not work the other half. The issue seems to be so sporadic and the symptoms so random, which is why I was thinking it is an issue with the control board (IE the brain is fried and doing all kinds of strange things).


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I had this problem too and discovered it is a known fault for over 2yrs now (this is January 2018) but Samsung are nor acknowledging it.

However, today I found a You Tube Video posted by a guy called Steve Ritchie "Samsing Ecobubble unresponsive or stuck display control panel" and I tried his tip. To my amazement it worked... hopefully this will be a permanent fix, will update if there is any change. Good luck though.

If that tip doesnt work, the fault is to do with the motherboard and it may need replacing completely, which can be expensive if you dont have a service plan.

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