Does anyone work on these disc printers?

I have one dymo discpainter that seems to have a mechanical problem - makes an odd noise but fails to move the print head. And another one that seems to only print greens and blues. Any ideas?

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Here is the abridged text of an online chat I had with a Dymo representative:

Meagan D

Welcome, my name is Meagan, how can I be of assistance today?10:47:00 AM


I have a Dymo DiscPainter that seems to have a mechanical problem. Can it be repaired?10:47:33 AM

Meagan D

Unfortunately the dymo discpainters are obsolete products and no longer are supported for repairs.10:48:13 AM

... we have no documentation that can be sent out.10:54:12 AM

I apologize for the inconvenience , we will gladly offer ... you 20% off a new device ( one of our many printers and or hand held devices ) and free shipping10:57:48 AM


We only offer devices that print labels now, we offer labelwriter devices that print labels that can be placed on a CD10:59:20 AM


... labels that can be placed on a CD can and will come off the CD in a player, particularly one in a car that's been left parked in the sun, and gum up the player. No, thank you. Have a nice day.11:00:59 AM

Meagan D

Have a nice day and thank you for contacting Dymo.


Omitted from the abridged transcript is that they never repaired defective units, just replaced them, and never offered a service manual. So a commercial repair service wouldn't know how to service them, and it wouldn't be worth their time to figure it out.


Did you find anyone to repair it? I have the same problem.


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