How to disable WiFi Direct?

– Roku does not provide a user-configurable "off switch" for WiFi Direct.

– It's on all the time, even in models such as the current Roku 2 that doesn't come with a remote control that uses WiFi Direct.

– Roku's WiFi Direct often interferes with other WiFi devices.

– Many people do not have a 5 GHz WiFi router to which to seek refuge.

We need a wire to snip or something that will disable it.

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A lot of other folks are also having this problem over on the Roku Community Forums:


Just visit this link for internet connection


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I don't know about 2.4ghz interference (that spectrum is unusable where I live due to overcrowding) but I was able to solve the problem in 5ghz and I suspect this will fix it in 2ghz too

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By the way, there has been a firmware update since my first post, and there now is a user-configurable "off switch" for WiFi Direct: Settings: System > Advanced system settings > Device connect > Disable Device connect

But I haven't been able to get an answer to my questions over on the Roku forums:

1) Has there been a change in the behavior of Roku's Wi-Fi Direct with the latest firmware update? With my Wi-Fi scanner utility, seems like I used to be able to always see my Roku, but now I only see it momentarily right after boot-up, and then it disappears from the list of all my neighborhood access points.

2) When I go to my Interference setting, there's no checkmark or other indication of the current setting. Is this so for everyone? Anybody know what the Roku factory default setting is?




Anyway, today after choosing Interference as "None" in the Wireless Secret Screen, whenever I reboot just to inspect whether the setting worked, the fleeting appearance of my Roku is still on top of my same Wi-Fi router's channel. (I have all my devices on the 5 GHz band.) Can anyone else confirm whether this fix really works as described in the Net Consonance link (by moving the Wi-Fi Direct channel over to a completely separate channel from my Wi-Fi router's)?


I removed all wi-fi from my home. Don't want the RF pollution. Got ROKU because I wanted a Wired Connection. Problem is, the remote MUST be 'paired' to work. When you change the setting to Disable auto'Connect' .. it says you must disable the Remote pairing .. but you can't disable Remote Pairing. The units produce a huge amount of RF .. I have tested it with a High Frequency Analyzer purchased on . . dangerously high levels. This is a serious flaw in Roku's design that must be addressed.


None of the submenus show you what the current setting is, their menu system really sucks :(

You can disable Device connect in the menu, but only if you have an IR remote control (old gen) since the wifi remote instantly stops working. You also can't do screen mirroring either.

When I turned off the interference, my Roku jumped immediately to another channel far away for the Direct-ROKU-blahblah SSID it broadcasts. No reboot was necessary.

Are you using 2.4ghz or 5ghz? Mine was 5ghz and I'm used wired ethernet for connectivity....


As I said, I have all my devices on the 5 GHz band.... You're the second person to say that the Wi-Fi Direct channel jumped for a wired Roku connection:

Everybody else over on the Roku forums thread said it doesn't work. So it looks like this is only a solution for Roku connections by Ethernet.


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I just realized my new Roku box does NOT have an IR remote. It is RF remote. So I guess I can NOT turn off the wireless network, or the remote will no longer work.

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We are having the same issue with wifi dropping. Our router supports both 5 and 2.4 ghz but the roku is not seeing the 5ghz network. Any way we can force it to recognize the option?


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