Short circuit in samsung galaxy S3

Good morning

My Samsung galaxy S3 doesn't want to turn on.

First i thought he was bricked but after many test, i realize he was not.

I set multi-meter on CONTINUITY and make test and i saw the short circuit on the phone.

Here i have a question , how can i know which IC is guilty ?

How to continue those tests?

Thank a lot for any reply


Hi Everybody

I investigate and found


Picture 1

Block Image

Picure 2

Block Image

Picture 3

Block Image

the third picture is (was) the wifi ic.

i have got two questions

Can the Ifix team can make those fix for me? and if yes how much?

How can you explain the wifi IC burn?

Many thank in advance

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Where exactly did you test for continuity to find the short?


Hi ;)

Betweens positive and negative terminals of the battery connector.

But now I'm looking for the faulty components , and i don't know where to test :(


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