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This page is intended for the Asus TF300T tablet released May of 2012. The Android operating system allows for users to use the tablet for multiple tasks.

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Scrambled display (see video inside)

My Asus TF300T tablet was kept in a humid environment (even splashed). As a result, when I try to start it, the screen looks scrambled like in this video that I uploaded to youtube:

Any idea if it can be fixed ? If so, I'd appreciate a hint on what component must be changed.

Thank you in advance!

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Hello lonut, it appears to be an issue with the LCD or its connection to the logic board. With the tablet being store in a humid location and being splashed, you might want to disassemble the device to look for signs of corrosion or any possible damage to the tablets internal parts such as the logic board and cable ends that connect to the logic board. If you see any signs of corrosion then you may be able to get the device to function again by cleaning the logic board, cable ends and any other parts susceptible to corrosion with a unused toothbrush and 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol. There are guides on this site as well as Youtube that can show you how to clean electronics with isopropyl alcohol. If corrosion is present and you have done a thorough cleaning with the ISO alcohol try and reassembled the device to check if the problem has been fixed. If not the display/LCD may need to be replaced. I would also consider replacing the battery if there were any signs of moisture on the inside of the tablet. As batteries do not handle moisture well and can be the first thing to fail. Batteries can appear to be working correctly after exposure to moisture but in the long run my be a hazard if not replaced.

I hope you can get the tablet up and running again. Best of luck on your repairs.

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I already opened it but I see no signs of corrosion. Anyway, the tablet didn't stay for so long there - corrosion usually appears after a while. I guess it's broken because it was splashed.

I will see if I can find a display to buy (and eventually a battery) and if this whole endeavour worth the effort and cost. :)

Thank you.


I thought you meant it was stored in a humid environment for awhile. My bad. Did you try powering on the device in the humid location or shortly after? Or did you give it time to air out? Did you try reseating the LCD connection on the logic board, just to make sure its connection is good?


Yes, that's exactly what happened: my son played some games on it exactly after that. He didn't allowed it to dry inside so, I guess, this was the problem.

I didn'the touch the connection between the lcd and the logic board (mostly because I didn't know which one was :) ). Do you think that this might help, considering the situation ?


I am thinking that the LCD probably shorted out but I would try reseating the cable before buying a new display just to see if helps. I would still clean it with the isopropyl alcohol to prevent any corrosion from starting. Best of luck.


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