MacBook wont charge after liquid spill

Dear All,

Last month my partner spilled a latte on the keyboard of her open macbook air. The system had a keyboard cover, and so no much liquid got inside the machine. We turned it off and left it to dry out for a few days, and then turned it back on. Everything worked fine, including the keyboard. However, the system wont draw charge from the magsafe adapter. The light doesn't come on the charger, and there is no other indication that it is receiving charge at all. I have tried the following to fix it:

- replaced the I/O board

- resetted the SMC and PRAM

- tried to warm the adapter, per suggestion on other ifixit questions

None of these things worked. The system still works when only on battery (which now only has about 10% charge left), but as soon as the adapter is plugged in it powers down. When the adapter is removed, it powers back up again.

I'd be very grateful for any suggestions how to fix this.

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Nick Radburn "no much liquid got inside the machine." It does not take much to cause corrosion and failure. disassemble it and check for corrosion damage.


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