it's completely dead & won't turn on

I'm having the same exact problem. Can ANYONE PLEASE help me??? I am trying to get my photos off my Samsung Galaxy s4 but it's completely dead & won't turn on (after it was overheating). Tried different batteries. Still wouldn't turn on. Can't hold a charge. Can't connect to a computer via USB cable. Went to Sprint store & they said it was beyond their scope of knowledge & that I might need to take it to a specialized cell phone place. I live in Baltimore, Maryland... can anyone please give me a couple of reliable places that I can take my phone that won't cost me too much money?

I need my pictures from a trip I took... usually my photos automatically get backed up to cloud whenever I take a pic, but I had no data connection in Europe since I was out of the US & so nothing got backed up to the cloud. All the pictures are on the INTERNAL storage...there is no sD card or anything. PLEASE HELP!!!! I haven't activated a new phone for over 1 month now because I'm afraid if I deactivate my dead phone, my pics will be lost permanently. So I don't even have a working cell phone to make/receive calls for a little over 1 month now. I'm desperate for any & all help!!! These pics mean a lot to me & have all of my memories of my trip to Europe. Thanks guys!

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