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critical_process_died after windows update had to wipe?

hello everyone i dont exactly need help now :) i fixed it for now but still want to know why i had such a silly problem ...

i have a hp 15 d004au its a fairly good lap warmer :) running windows 8.1 is weird but bearable lol ok so last week i did a windows update and had to restart i just left it doing its thing and went to bed the next morning i went to use my computer and it was still on saying that windows and encountered an error and needed to recover :( it said CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED now ive googled it and have seen several people have had the same problem, i even rang microsoft and asked why a MICROSOFT WINDOWS update decided to crash my computer and they said that it was HPs problem and some of their hardware is not compatible with their updates ????????

so my question is, is this true? i had no choice as far as i know but to fully wipe and start anew and lost most of my data i did accessed my harddrive from another old half broken comp :P and recovered my main stuff but it would not let me restore to an earlier point or anything tried all sorts of weird things and nothing worked to fix it but a full wipe .....oh and to top it off this lovely lapwarmer is a little newer than im used to and to pull the %#*@ thing apart i had to take to top off not a few lovely covers but the full top half omg it was an experience for a newbie :P

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I have had this issue too. Twice but on a custom built PC running windows 7 64 bit. I also had to do a fresh install. I have learned to not let windows install updates without my approval. This gives me control of how many updates I want to install as well as when they are installed. This can make it much easier to pinpoint an update that causes compatibility issues. If you know what update or updates cause problems then you can uninstall those specific updates. I have noticed that once in a while it replaces some of my working drivers with ones that are not compatible too. Not sure who to blame on the updates though, HP or Microsoft. Probably both.

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thankyou for your answer, if only i could pin point it. At the moment i have turned it all off and kinda scared to update most are the recommended updates maybe it is the optional ones that do it

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It is hard to pin point updates that cause issues. I don't use windows much anymore so I am having a hard time remembering how I was able to pin point the updates causing issues. I used to use automatic update and after a fresh install of windows 7 it installed a lot of updates and then blue screened. There were to many updates and I could not figure out which update was at fault. I researched as much as possible but gave up. So I just wiped the drive and installed windows again but turned off automatic updates. I do remember that I got to the point where I would only install maybe two updates at a time and if there were problems after the install I could figure out which one to uninstall. I did not have many issues after that. I still have the windows 7 on that PC but almost always boot to my Ubuntu OS. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but I just wanted you to know that I have had similar issues using windows automatic updates.


thankyou ill try one at a time :)


I just remembered that one time after installing recommended updates my computer blue screened. I was able to boot back into the OS and figured out that a security update had issues with the antivirus program I had installed. I was using a Norton antivirus and after researching found others experiencing the same issues. I uninstalled Norton and installed Avast antivirus and had no more issues. So the recommended updates can cause issues.


thankyou ill find another anti virus then :O i usually use norton


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