Is there another way to fix the E71 error?

I've been getting the E71 error on my xbox which is a hard drive related error, but the only problem is I do not have a hard drive (I bought the xbox without one, so it only has its internal memory). Whenever I try to turn it on a red dot lights up on the console and it shows "System Error. Contact Xbox Customer Support" and the error code E71. When I looked it up on it merely showed that the hard drive was probably placed/installed incorrectly, however since I do not own a hard drive that didn't solve my problem. I remember last that when it was working I downloaded an update for a game and when I was done playing I turned it off only to be surprised the next day with the E71 error. I tried another "fix" in which I had to hold the sync button before turning on the console and continue holding it until it booted up (which would clear any failed updates) but that didn't work either. I suspect that a piece of hardware got damaged and I may have to replace it but since I have no idea what to do so I've avoided opening it just in case to avoid damaging it further.

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It could be a couple things. The southbridge or gpu/cpu. I'm betting on the south bridge reflow would fix it. Try opening it and apply pressure to the southbridge if it boots up that's your issue. I would replace the thermo pasted on the GPU/cpu while your in there.


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