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Battery not recognized, battery indicator not working

My logic board died because of static electricity, no sign of life in my macbook. I took it to a local service and they successfully repaired it, they replaced the charge controller on the logic board.

However, it only works when the charger is plugged in, as the battery is not detected. It was tested with multiple working batteries without success, so I think it's the logic board.

The guys in the repair service said they don't know why it isn't detecting the battery as they checked everything and they couldn't identify the problem.

So I took it home (at least it's not completely dead) and now I'm trying to find a solution to my problem. As far as I know the battery indicator should work even when there is no battery or it is not detected, but it doesn't even light up. I tried the SMC bypass, but when I disconnected the charger it died instantly.

Also, the led on the charger is always green, if it means something.

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Just to be clear here are you speaking about the finders battery status or the systems built-in battery checker on the side of the system or both?


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Lets first check things out here. Download this little gem of an app: coconutBattery. It will allow you to see what the battery SMC services are doing. Post a snapshot of what it show here so we can see.

I suspect one or more of the MOS FETs still need to be replaced or the comparator logic is damaged.

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Here is a snapshot of coconutBattery:

As you can see, the battery is not detected.

The battery icon on the status bar has an X and it says "No Battery Available".

The battery indicator on the left side of the device (where the headphone out, card reader, usbs are) is not working, it doesn't even light up when I push the small button.


Not good ;-{ The logic board still needs repair. They failed to replace one or more of the MOS FET's and/or the comparator logic that ties into the SMC services which is why the battery tester on the side of the system and the finder if failing to see the battery and its condition.


The question here is do you have Apple Store or have an authorized Apple service center near you? Clearly, the people who serviced your system are not skilled enough to diagnose things down the rest of the way. Your other option here is to replace the logic board your self.


I don't have an authorized service nearby but I can send them the mac via courier service, which I already did before the whole repair (when it was completely dead) and they said I have to replace the logic board, but that's expensive (more than the half price of the mac), so I looked for another options.


While it might be possible to fix the logic board. It does require the needed skills, tools, and parts. The only answer I can give you is try to locate someone else who has the knowledge and parts to fix your logic board. Or, see what you can find a used logic board that is the correct one for your system.


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Guys at "repair" service are &&^&^$^ idiots. Let's be clear here, it is repair when it works. This is a laptop, not a desktop. It should work off the &&^&^$^ battery!

Put multimeter in diode mode. Put red probe on ground, and black probe on SMBUS_SMC_5_G3_SCL side of R5281. Then put black probe on SMBUS_SMC_5_G3_SDA side of R5280. You should get something like 0.441.

If you get something like 0, or 0.141, it means there is a short to ground on the data or the clock line somewhere. The best way to figure this out after making the measurement is to inject 3.3v onto the one that is shorted to ground, then attach ground of the power supply to ground of the board, then feel around for what gets hot. Whichever gets hot is shorted.

Hopefully it is not the SMC, good luck with 0.3mm balls at 0.8mm pitch. If they replaced the charging IC I assume they mean U7000. U7000 is connected via SMBUS_SMC_5_G3_SCL and SMBUS_SMC_5_G3_SDA to U4900, so if U7000 received shock, U4900(which is responsible for detecting the battery) can also be dead. This is basic to anyone who can read and write, but apparently not to whomever you gave money to. :( I feel bad for you being taken advantage of by idiots. :( It is not right!

Really it is their job to figure out where short is in the data line between the SMC, BIL, battery, and ISL6259, if they can't get your money back unless you and I have different definitions of repair!

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