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Replace USB cable on Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N-700?

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An idiot child (some of us have them) picked up my old Macbook Pro from its lap desk and forgot the laptop must be with the lap desk.

The USB cable that connects the two devices is now at a 90° angel from where it should be. It is not repairable.

I need to get the parts to build a new one since Logitech no longer sells these nor keeps parts for them.

The cable is 35 1/2 " from the USB to the internal clip. There is a small round white "drum" in the cable 3 1/2+ from the internal clip end. I have no idea what this is for?

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The internal connector clip end shows R, W, G, B, B wires attached.

I have a pretty clear picture of the whole piece but am not sure how to put that here right now.

BTW: I have no formal computer training. Everything I do comes from what I've learned since my first Apple 2C,

Thank You for any help.

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post an image of your cable, the connections etc. with your question. That way we can see what you see.Adding images to an existing question


Like Dan said, a clearer picture of both connectors will help.


Thank you both that is some fine information. I will get the photos up directly.

This Logitech Lap-desk N-700 is no long produced. I actually found 3 used ones at Are you kidding?? I paid $ 47.00 brand new for mine. These were 150.00 and up USED. They are a great device for someone who likes to work as I do. You get cooling, speakers, and a nice rigid lap. I don't think anyone appreciated them until they were gone. Logitech told me they didn't sell.

Thank You Again. I will be back!!!


We'll be here. Hope you are okay and no worries:-)


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Bummer :-(

First you'll need a Ohm meter to check continuity between the two cable ends so you can identify on the USB side what the connection is on the logic board connector.

The USB cable should be easy to get here, just get an extension cable that looks beefy and then cut off the other end to the length you want.

As to that thing in the middle, that's an RF/EMI dampener filter. They do make snap on units which you could put on if you think your computer video or audio; TV or radio signal is getting messed up. Frankly, I think you can get away without it.

The only thing left is the logic board connector so you can attach your new USB cable to. Can you take a better set of pictures of it so we can identify who's it is. If you think you can pull the pins out and reuse them then you could try that. But, you don't want to do a cable splice here as the signal will get distorted creating errors if your lap desk has ports or offers any functions. If not, and only has a fan then you could do a splice.

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Thanks, I am getting the pictures, slowly.


I have put a picture of the internal connection here.


Right now I am planning to get a USB cable and splice the USB cable end of my broken cable to it. This since the USB end of my cable is just about broken off. The internal connection end is fine.


Thanks Everyone,

I bought a "junker" N-700 at a yard sale for $10.00. It had a cracked case, no sound, and looked like someone dumped coffee and a load of dirt in it and on it. It did have a functional USB Cable. (Lucky Me!!!)

I used the USB cable from that one and the Lapdesk works fine. I cannibalized the Yard Sale Lap Desk and actually used one of the speakers in mine. I am now running "Straight, Hot, and Normal". Mine looks like an old Vet from Vietnam (just like me). It works fine even with all the surgery scars.

I am happy I found this forum.

Again, Thanks to everyone who helped along the way.

My Regards, Bill


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