The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is a 10.1-inch Android-based tablet computer and belongs to the second generation of the Samsung Galaxy Tab series.

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Touch screen or power buttons not working after battery replacement

The other day my tablet died and I tried charging it, and it would charge and black out maybe two seconds later. so I left it to charge hoping it was someday regain enough batterg charge so I can turn it on. It didnt let me turn it on ,without the charger, til 3 days later. I did my research and bought a new battery. So i replaced the battery

And now my touch screen, or my power button won't

work. The battery is at 100% appearantly and i cant turn it on, with or without the charger plugged in, ive tried the whole "wait two hours and press this button and that button for so long" I've tried it all and nothing.

Answer this question I have this problem too

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I just replaced my battery, and had the issue with the touch screen not working. It turned out that I had broken off one of the "locks" on the ribbon cable connectors when removing the old battery. On re-assembly the ribbon cable was just lying in the slot, not clamped down, and not making good contact. This was the middle cable, which on my tablet is brown. I fixed it by sticking a piece of scotch tape to the back of the end of the ribbon and trimming it to fit, thus making the cable thicker. I then slid that end of the ribbon cable back in to its slot, re-assembled the unit, and the touch screen started working again. Also, the lines on the cables need to line up with the lines on the main board, otherwise the cable is not inserted far enough for a good connection.

Hope this helps you.

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I too have this problem, anyone answered?

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My on off switch works just fine but the touch screen does not respond. I'm thinking one of the ribbon connectors is not seated properly. Problem is I don't know which one controls the screen. Help

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same problem


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I had the same problem - and it's a super hassle to take the back on and off. So - here's what worked:

1) You do the battery replacement, and be super sure that the wide ribbon cables are gently, but fully seated before the clips are flipped down. Likewise the power (middle) cable is fully seated, with the clips on either side of the plug end fully seated. NOTE - when taking the back off, do the edge with the switches in it last. It's easy to snap the edge where the holes are for the buttons. I broke the volume switch hole, and had to super glue it very carefully.

2) Without putting the back on again, locate the little pressure switches on the edge that correspond to the back cover switches (the ones you'd normally use). There's one for the power, and two of them for the volume. The look like teeny bumps. Using a thumbnail, gently depress the power one, which should turn the tab on - but the screen remains unresponsive. Turn it off again (or wait a moment, it'll switch off).

3) Depress both the power and the volume up (I believe it's the one closest to the power, but it could be the other one - try them sequentially, not all at the same time) for 10 seconds, using a finger nail for each of the 2 buttons. It's awkward, but easier than putting the back on and off.

The tab then restarts, going to the all black screen, then the Tab S then SAMSUNG, etc. When that completes, the touch screen functions should be fully restored. If not, it's probably a ribbon connection.

Good luck!

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There's another flat cable next to the digitiser one. It carries the signal for the back button amongst others. I had same priblem and fixed it by re-seating this cable. Remember to lift the connector lock before inserting the cable fully, then push the cable lock back down. That should fix it.

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