The Samsung Galaxy S 4G is an Android 2.2-powered smartphone with a 4-inch AMOLED touchscreen display and 1 GHz processor.

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Why my android phone draining while charging?

I've had my Android for a while now. For the last few days my phone has been draining the battery while the charger were still plug.

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I have the same problem with my LG Power. The phone is brand new, and I'm using the original charger.


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My suggestion is similar but a couple of other things you could try is

1) Airplane mode if you are 20% or below. You shouldn't have to be without communication and still have your phone on.

2) Clear your recent apps by holding the HOME button and clear then all.

3) Navigate to your data settings and press the menu button (it's left of the home button on the S4) and choose to turn off background running apps. This will make all of the apps that remain active even when you don't use your phone to stop draining your battery. BUT DON'T FORGET TO TURN THEM BACK ON once you have a sufficient amount of battery life

4) Data network uses more battery than WiFi so if you have access to WiFi use it and turn off your data. Don't worry you'll still be able to make and receive your calls, text, etc.

5) You can also try booting up in recovery or safe mode. Shut off your phone and... Actually Google that part and enter your model and make of your phone to get the accurate instructions on how to do it correctly.

6) Last under the absolute worst case scenario that none of the other steps have seem to work for you. Before buying a new battery or phone you could do a factory reset. This will delete all apps that aren't one of your pre-installed apps. Don't worry, you can back up everything first through Google by syncing your phone it will save all of your data. ALL of your data basically. Also you can backup with your Samsung account. Once you get that done simply shut off and when you power on press the volume down and power buttons at the same time until you see the android robot screen and choose WIPE PHONE. Confirm your decision and give it a few minutes to do its job and it'll restart automatically and begin to restore your phone if you are connected to WiFi. But don't do that yet. Let your phone completely charge normal with all of your usual settings going. This will let you see that it was clearly an app draining your battery or if indeed your battery is shot.

Best of luck. If this doesn't work then you did it wrong lol

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I Think Theres A App That Drain Your Phone So I Want You To Use Clean Master Or A Task Manager Or Just Hold Your Home Button And Remove Your App Session It Will Close Your App.

To Charge Your Phone Faster Do This: 1. Do Safe Mode And Charge It. It May Charge Your Phone Faster

2: Do Airplane Mode. It May Charge Your Phone Fast

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I have this problem also on galaxy tab 4,I. There is 50% left before charging then when I put the charger on it drains to 2%.

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While i havent solved this issue with my LG V20 on Android 7, i have gathered some interesting data points. When the condition ocurrs, 2 of the 4 cores are static above 1.0 GHz, while the other 2 fluctuate as they all 4 should be. A battery app shows a very low mA charge rate 100 or even negative rates. After a reboot, all 4 cores are back to dynamic fluctuating. The battery app now shows 600 to 900 mA charging. Also worth mentioning, the play store begins updating apps right after the reboot. So either there was a process out there nailing up 2 cores preventing the play store updates from running or the play store service itself could be suspect. Next steps is now to find a cpu core app that shows what threads and app are running during the event.

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