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Horizontal Lines on Bottom of Screen

My iPad mini has horizontal lines that seem to fluctuate toward the bottom half of the screen. Sometimes there is image ghosting when changing pages, and other times it varies from very severe to barely noticeable lines. No water damage or drops, it just started acting up while I was using it in the sun (issue?). I am thinking it's the LCD or logic board, but it wouldn't really be worth fixing if the logic board was bad. Any ideas?

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I have the same problem.. mine however wasnt sun exposed, but dropped a couple of times. I recall that the lines didnt appear right after the falls. started as few and fluctuated.

I appreciate any feedback too.


Either proceed to change the screen, which is a difficult and potentially costly task, or ask a repair tech/shop for a diagnosis and quotation based on which you can decide to repair yourself or not. The problem here is that a drop may have damaged components on the board, not just the screen. So you may end up replacing the LCD without solving the issue; which is why I recommend getting it diagnosed or at least start by posting a separate question with a photo of your defective iPad.


I believe I'm having same issue. Out of the blue my iPad mini 3 is showing a group of thin lines towards the bottom of the screen (home button area). At time all but one (very top one) vanish. When the whole group is there it will also show some ghosting from content that was below that group of thin lines.

This iPad has been babied since bought. Actually using a Pelican shockproof case since taken out of the box.


Mine has never been dropped or had sun exposure, started doing it when it was only a few months old, would they be made in China by any chance? I thought Apple was quality


No electronic item is going to be perfect and an issue like this which as you can see by the lack of reported cases is in no way an indicator of "lack of quality". And yes, the iPad and many other apple products are indeed made in China or with Chinese made parts. It's called globalization.

And as a side note, I had mine replaced at an Apple Store without hassles in less than 15 minutes. Made an appointment for service, store genius ran a quick diagnostic test on it and confirmed no visual damage or water damage on it. Took longer to do the backup and restore from old iPad to new one than the whole service experience. Highly pleased with Apple. Still no clue as what may have been the issue. Such is life.


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My money is on the LCD itself being damaged, if it has been subjected to direct sun light for and extended period of time.

It would help if you can upload an image of the issue.

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take a magnifying glass look at the little pins that the lcd is attached to this is where I found my problem when the person changed the lcd they broke the pins on the motherboard and the lcd so now I have to solder two new pins ouff


oh and this is not you guys lol this is the person I ordered it from on ebay they told me and showed me the lined mini pad so I was aware of the damage but not aware of exactly the problem till now. so guys out there beware of buying a new lcd to change yourself and using to much force will cause you this headache and have a professional solder that part


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i had same problem,,restore ipad, upgrade ipad, open and check inside,nothing fixed my problem,,,i order a NEW OEM LCD Assembly on Ebay and go back like NEW....Ipad Mini 3.....LCD Garbage MADE IN CHINA got lines without hitting or dropped to the floor....China is Bad Quality on parts.

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