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The Epson Stylus Photo 1400 Inkjet Printer prints high quality prints of up to 13" x 19". In addition, it supports cd/dvd printing.

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Is my power supply broken?


My beloved Epson Style Photo 1400 recently stopped turning on after having a "General Error" when trying to print (accompanied by flashing red ink and paper lights simultaneously). Now that it isn't turning on, when it is plugged in I can hear a faint intermittent beep coming from the back, between the power plug and the USB plug.

Can anyone help me identify what the problem is here, and how to get started with fixing it? I am guessing it has to do with the power supply, simply because the thing won't turn on....but correct me if I'm wrong!

Thank you!

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It sounds like it could be the power supply. that would make sense. If you take the cover off then you can get a voltage tester and see if the power coming from the outlet is getting through the power supply...BUT BE CAREFUL...electricity is very dangerous so do not touch anything with it plugged in. Unplug printer, take covers off, be careful not to tough electronic boards as they can still retain power. Plug it back in then only tough it with voltage meter ends. DO not tough anything with your hands. Only do this if you feel comfortable doing it. take some pictures inside and post them so we can see close ups of the electrical boards. Look for burnt or blackened areas as those would be your problem. Also solder connections that have simply come apart. Below is some links to places to get parts.

This comes from OLDTURKEY03!!!! Thanks!

For the printhead, contact this seller -

or you might check on here-

the power supply board is part number 2093972 and is available right here

and special order from here

Hope this helps, good luck.

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I am having the exact same problem. We'll try your solution and let you know how it goes. Thanks!


My Epson 1400 isn't powering up. I pulled it apart, so I could pull the power supply out. I don't see anything burnt and the capacitor's aren't swollen. The fuse looks good also. I'm new at using a multimeter, so I'm not sure as to where to touch the leads to test it.


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# After flushing the printhead with water / isopropyl

  1. also leaving ink cartridges with water / isopropyl in the printhead overnight, also with a paper towel under the printhead & above the cleaning station to absorb any water / isopropyl.
  2. The next day I powered up, red ink light on & green power button either continuous or flashing, uncertain
  3. Forgot the paper towel was under the printhead
  4. forgot to screw the printhead down to the tray with the 3 screws
  5. the printhead cartridge terminal block was also loose as I broke off the tabs that lock it down
  6. the yellow cartridge was off & slightly above the terminal block
  7. then after no response with the red ink light on / green power light
  8. I powered off & powered up again to a no power condition with the beeping noise.


# reviews indicate problem hypothesis “Waste Ink Tank Counter” or “WIC Reset”. I concur reason the Water / Isopropyl I drilled in to some Ink Cartridges & left overnight could have somehow tripped the “Waste Ink Tank Counter”.

  1. I downloaded various “WIC Reset Utilities” & with the 1400 USB port plugged in & powered up beeping, none of the WIC Reset utilites would recognize a printer on the USB Port.
  2. I confirmed the 1400 USB Port is not tripping the Windows 7 Device Manager with any hardware changes. This indicates that the Logicboard is not sending any communications to the Windows7 USB Port.
  3. If the Logicboard will not power up the USB Port, then there is a Hardware failure / lockout.

Tech A.

# next to teardown 1400 & attempt to diagnose the fuse, Waste Ink Tank & Power Supply.

# the fuse is OK.

  1. all chips & capacitors are fair visual condition.

Tech B.

# I removed the logicboard chassis & diagnosed the Power Supply with a Multi-Meter.

  1. With the chassis removed & unplugged from every ribbon cable except the 9 position ribbon cable that connects the power supply to the logicboard.
  2. The beeping sound emits in this condition, disconnected entirely from every ribbon & plug on the printer.
  3. The beeping sound stops when disconnecting the ribbon cable from (logicboard :: powersupply) & reads DC voltages on all 9 positions of the ribbon cable
  4. The beeping sound emits again when reconnecting the ribbon cable from (logicboard :: powersupply)
  5. When reconnecting ribbon cable from (logicboard :: powersupply), the beeping emits & the ribbon cable terminals stop DC Voltages on all 9 positions of the ribbon cable. The 9 position ribbon cable terminals then questionably read AC Voltages. Not an Electrical Engineer, but for whatever reason, the power supply reads AC Voltages, 4VAC, 6VAC, 8VAC, etc… & reading AC voltages with only 1 prong of the meter, not 2 prongs on 2 different terminals.
  6. With ribbon from (logicboard :: powersupply) disconnected & USB Plugged in, the Win7 Device Manager does not trip.

Review Tech B.

# I believe the Power supply is OK. when disconnected from the logicboard, it discontinues Beeps & reads DC Voltages on all 9 pins.

  1. For unknown reason, the logicboard is shutting down the power supply. with ribbon from (logicboard :: powersupply) connected, it beeps & stops reading DC Voltages on all 9 positions. Then questionably reads AC Voltages 4VAC, 6VAC, 8VAC on 9 terminals.
  2. All cases, the USB Port on the Logicboard will not power up in Windows7 Device Manager & therefore is inaccesible to a USB TTL Device such as Virtual Com Port, FTDI, EEPROM, etc… When plugging the USB Port to Win7 it should at least show up as a “Unknown device”. If it does not show up in Win7 Device Manager, then I speculate it not possible to establish any communication with the Logicboard & therefore not possible to flash any firmware or reset WIC, etc…
  3. Speculative the Logicboard is actually OK & that there is some kind of Firmware / Hardware Lock activated. Unable to Trip the Win7 Device Manager with the USB Port, I am out of options. It is possible a Epson Tech could reset or flash the firmware although I don’t know how if the USB Port wont show up in Win7 Device Manager.
  4. All other parts, boards, plugs & printheads on the printer are probobaly good. Logicboard is locked out.

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Be very careful, this is a switching power supply, part of it is not isolated from ground, you can get shocked. Also, even if turned off, there is a capacitor that can have over 300 volts stored, nasty. There are two DC voltages produced by this power supply, measured from the chassis, pins 1,2 should be about 42 volts DC, pin 7 should be about 3.3 volts DC. If those are ok, the problem is not likely the power supply.


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check your flexos cables, i just to had the same issue, i just have 1 flexo pluged wrong, and the printer start to work.

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Do you mean the ribbon cables connected to the printer head? Was your printer having the beeping issue?


@Josh Weser, I'm having the same problem with my 1400, when I reinstalled the print head. I have checked the ribbon cable connections and they seem to be good, but when I plug the printer in and try to power it up I get nothing but a very faint beeping sound. Any thoughts


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