ZTE Majesty Z796C - Why are replacement LCDs not displaying properly?

I have a customer whose ZTE Majesty (Z796C) had an unfortunate meeting with her car tire.

The LCD / digitizer was obliterated when I got it, but the phone still powered on, could receive texts and calls, etc.

Removed the broken parts, no problem, ordered a replacement, and this is where things become maddening.

Every replacement (I've been through four now) I have received isn't functioning properly. Two of them (including the last one I got) only show a red screen with a couple lines through it. The other two displayed colors, but incredibly distorted and indecipherable. (images below)

What I'm trying to figure out, is if I'm just getting garbage parts, if there's some form of compatibility issue, or if I'm just flat out doing something wrong! I've fixed so many iPhones, Galaxies and iPads it hurts, but this thing is stumping me.



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This exact same thing is happening to me as well about the same time you posted this, I thought I had accidentally put a little too much pressure on the LCD but I just got another LCD in the mail today and tested it. Same thing happened again. Really hope someone knows how to get rid of this annoying problem.


This is the exact same issue I am having as well, I've ordered 3 different screens from 2 different vendors with the same results, or sometimes the screen does not come on at all. Very frustrating.


Same here, anybody get a fix?


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