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Unit won't turn on until heated over a stove for 15 minutes

Last winter, I left my laptop in the car. It was about -10º C (14º F) outside. About 7 hours later I got back to the car and realized that the laptop was still in there. I took into the motel room and let it warm up for a few hours, then tried turning it on. No luck there. I tried a spare battery, but no luck. After pushing the power button repeatedly for 20 minutes, it finally turned on. I felt relieved, but the next day, it wouldn't turn on again. I held it over a hot stove for 15 minutes, pushed the power button repeatedly, and it started. After having to do this a few times, I've just left it on for the past 6 months.

Yesterday, the system froze so I had to turn it off. Of course, back to the same old problem. What could have been affected by the cold temperatures? Bad power button, cracked or intermittent solder joint? I'm an old tech who used to work on telecom equipment, test equipment refurbishing, VCRs, etc., so soldering a board is no big deal, but I'd to know where to start before I open up this baby. Thanks.


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Can you give us the last four digits of your serial numb so we can correctly identify your system.


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When you have a system which has gotten cold you have to think about what components are temperature sensitive. The LCD display, hard disk & fan motors, electrolytic capacitors, & batteries any one of these could be effected. In addition when you bring your system in from the cold the condensation of the warm air could also get your system wet inside if your not careful.

Given the fact you are able to get it working after heating the system up with your oven trick. I suspect your root issue here is a cold solder joints and/or stress breaks on one or more components.

What likely happened is the restarting of your system may have shocked your components solder joints. As the component began to heat up when you applied power (when turned on) and the PCB board may have contracted a bit from the cold caused a sheer at the joint. This explains the reaction of working when you heated the system with your oven and when you let the system cool and it stopped working.

I'm suspecting the power logic is the area you need to focus on here touching up the solder joints on the FETs as they tend to get warm fast. You are on a bit of a hunt here (needle in a hay stack). If that fails to get it you may need to bring your logic board to a board repair outfit which can do a better job with their tools. Or think about just replacing the logic board.

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Once the laptop turns on by heating up the case, it stays on and works just fine. I have system 10.9.2 installed on it. When the system froze up, I had to turn the laptop off, and of course it's back to the same problem. I took the logic board out today, so I'll do same careful soldering. If this fails to correct the problem, then a new logic board is probably the only solution, like you said.


Did you find the cause? I have the same issue. Only works when heated up


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