How to connect SSD for Retina MBP to old MBP SATA


I have OWC 240GB Aura Pro 6G Solid State Drive for retina Macbook Pro.

How can I use it with my old 13" Macbook Pro (mid 2009/mid 2010) ?

My old laptop has only SATA socket fora hard drive, and the ssd has this really strange socket. and I didn't find any adapters.

Tell me at least, if you know, how this socket (on ssd) called and is it possible in general to use it with my old laptop?

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Sadly the newer SSD's used in the retina models won't work in the older HD based MacBook Pro models. Even with the newer SSD version models there are different SSD units which are not interchangeable.

The SSD you have uses a M.2 form factor. The SSD you want is one that is a 2.5" SATA drive compatible unit.

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%#*!^@. Yea, I guess then I'll sell my ssd and buy another one for my macbook pro. which one could be the best? and can i make a fusion drive after that or its only possible on retina macbooks ?

thank you for the answer.


It depends... First you only have a single HD SATA port so you can swap out one for one. But you loose the storage depth of the HD. I would recommend going with a hybrid drive which has a SSD with a HD (SSHD). Seagate makes a nice one that will work in your system. That will give you the best bang for the buck. Your other alternative is to take your optical drive out and using a special carrier place your current HD in the optical drives location and the put your new SSD were you had your HD. We stopped doing this when the SSHD's became a better more reliable & cheaper solution.


i actually thought to do the second scenario. i already bought hdd caddy.

and removed my optical drive (it doesnt work anyways).

so, i heard i have to put my old hd to the place where cd-rom was. because the port for hd is faster . and i have to connect ssd where the hd was.

yea, i just got wrong ssd (my neighbor sold me one :<).

since i have to buy new ssd anyways i'll consider all the options.

so, you saying that SSHD is better than put ssd and hd and make fusion drive or whatever. if its also cheaper then i'll maybe do it the way you said.

can you advise some particular models for macbook pro from 2009 ?


Part of the problem doing a dual drive is the optical SATA port is slower. The other issue here is the HD anti-crash services only work on the HD SATA port so you do need to be careful in banging your system when it is running. We have over 100 MacBook Pro's running now with the SSHD's vs the dual drive setup. I truly think that's the better direction across any of the older MacBook Pro's (pre retina).


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