no front camera after screen replacement - help with soldering


Hi Guys,

I've knocked the transistor off the iPhone 4 which transfers electrical current to active the front camera. It just stick on the shutter. I've purchased a heat controlled tenma ESD control temp soldering iron ranging from 150-450 oC.

I have 703.459 LEAD FREE SOLDER 0.06MM , 5M.

The board is just not taking the solder at all.

Can you give me an idea whats the best tools to use and point me in the right direction. A nice thorough step by step tutorial will be extremly helpful.

I've tried the circuitwriter to no avail.

Much appreciated.

Skip the circuitwriter all together. those are a pain and I only use them in absolute emergencies. Did you clean the board prior to trying to solder? What flux are you using? You tinned your solder tip and applied solder to the tip first? Take a look on here https://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/36 as well as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWVPhYiS... for some good tutorials


I've cleaned the board with nail polish as currently I dont have any alcohol.. Not ideal at all I know. Do I need to actually use flux ? I've never used liquid flux before & didnt know you could buy it serparate, I always thought it just came in with the solder. Yes I tinned the solder tip and im using a 0.2mm coaxial tip. Them tutorials are good, but I dont want to keep trying as I am scared of scorching the board. Do you suggest you suggest I buy some flux and try again ? Which is the best for iphone boards ? Thankd Old Turkey


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Hi there was going to say use the circuit writer as it's always helped me but just use solder instead to bridge the gap

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