Water Damage, Recover Data from SSD?

Please Help! I killed my husbands macbook air. I spilled an entire glass of water over it and while he told me not to touch it for several days while it was drying out, I could not help myself. I tried to power it up a bunch.

Needless to say, it has never powered back up and Apple Genius Bar said they can just replace it for a chunck of change, but they will absolutely not do any data recovery.

My questions is....if I can get the SSD flash drive out of it ( I have located the tools on this site to order), can someone PLEASE tell me how to get the data off of it. It holds all of our honeymoon photos which I greatly desire to save, but cannot afford a data recovery service that was suggested by Apple.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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Hi Donna,

I too have the same problem. Please let me know if you are able to recover your data.


@ Sankaran - The OWC Envoy case is the ticket here! I've saved quite a few systems SSD's that way. Just make sure you get the correct model for your system (there are four different cases!) The very newest models require still a different case, which is just not available quite yet. Then, you'll need to find a friend with the exact same mode who is willing to have you swap out the SSD in his system so you can recover the data and put his SSD back in.


@Sankaran - It worked like a charm. I did it all by myself and "poof"

all my files are saved. Good Luck!


@danj I also had an accident involving water and now your coment gives me some hope.

But I don't understand the second part of it. A OWC case seems to transform the ssd into a external drive. So why do I need to put it into a friends macbook to save my data?


Ah! It's all about the time frame when I wrote this.

OWC didn't have the needed case out yet (it does now) so the only way with the newest model was to swap the SSD's between a working system (the exact same model) to gain access to the files.

Today we don't need to do this as OWC has the needed case to hold the SSD so after placing the SSD from the dead system into the case you'll have no problem plugging it into any Mac system to gain access to the files.


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It can be put into a OWC Envoy enclosure and possibly accessed via USB onto another machine. Here's the enclosure: http://eshop.macsales.com/item/OWC/MAU3E...

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thank you for your suggestion. Do you believe that I would place the existing SSD flashdrive into this unit and USB it into my Imac maybe and I could atleast pull the photos? My Imac is the only other device i have that was on the same level as my husbands macbook air.

I have a very old macbook that even had a much older operating system, so that probably won't work. Thank You


usb to iMac should be fine.


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