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Clean pot on Roland KC300 Amp?

The pot or knob on my amp seems dirty. I removed the know and sprayed Deoxit, but I don't think it got down into the pot because it's still making the scratchy noise.

Does anyone have any experience with a similar amp?

Theres a lot of screws to open it up.



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I've fixed these for years as an official roland repair center. All amps in the KC series have 2 extremely common issues.

#1 dirty pots,

#2 loose/cold/bad solder connections on the pots, jacks, and interconnects

Some KC series amps also get loose solder on some transistors and caps, but I don't remember the 300 series facing that issue.

In general its really worthwhile to re-solder everything related to those parts and to never worry about it again.

Also use a good deoxit to clean the pot which is best accessed thru the backside of the pot. Hope that helps!

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Don't know what you mean by accessing the backside of the pot. The pot sticks out of the top of the amp with a screw keeping it more secure there. I unscrewed the little screw and sprayed some deoxit in it, but I don't think any got down into the pot because it still sounds scratchy. Could you please explain further. I'm pretty handy so whatever it takes I probably can do.

I'm very surprised to find someone here who worked on Roland amps.....that's great.


accessing the pots from the front is not usually an effective way to get deoxit into the pot. You must take the whole chassis off by removing all the larger phillps screws on the sides, top, and back of the case. The back will then slide out. Sometimes you have to give it a good thwack to get it loose. Once thats off you can spray the backside of the pots. If you have any other questions lemme know!


I followed your instructions and it was very easy to unscrew and open the amp. I sprayed all the pots, but mainly sprayed the "low" pot. That's the one the is giving me trouble. The amp may need a new pot. After spraying quite a bit of deoxit, I'm still having the problem, which is, the pot kicks in at about 4:00 on the dial. If I go a little past 4:00 it cuts out again. You can hear the definite change in sound. It's like all of a sudden, at the dial set at 4: 00, the low frequency kicks ing. No noticeable change in sound before 4:00. It seems the pot is glued into the board.

Do you have any other ideas?



Yeah thats totally a damaged pot. You should need only the slightest bit of deoxit to get most common dirt/oxidation out of a pot. I don't think the pot is glued to the board. Its soldered in and it has mounting tabs that are soldered in too, this is why it feels glued in. You will need to replace it. You should be able to order it from roland. According to the schematic the bass pot is part # 01120134 or RK11k112 20kb cc Usually the first one is all they need.


I've never replaced a pot soldered to a board. Even though I'm pretty handy, is this a hard thing to do. I don't want to screw up the board.


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