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How to identify Apple logic boards

Is there a general reference that helps identify Apple logic boards ?


Identification by appearance

Reference number location and details

Interchangeability between models

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For which type of Apple devices? For iPhones, iPods and iPads, for example, you could go by the processor version quite reliably...

Please clarify.



Thanks for the response.

I am just starting out and trying to organize myself in preparation for reworking mostly Apple Macbooks Pro's, Air's ...

From my initial research I have found an abundance of information on Ifixit and am grateful for everyones contributions.

An area I am having difficulty with is identification of logic boards in regards to applicable schematics or possible replacements that lack details. I have seen references to what appear to be part numbers, versions ... and not sure what is the general method to use. Example: 820-2567, K84.

I was just wondering if there was any reference information that could possibly show the different logic boards so they may be identified by appearance. Example: Physical images of all the logic board types in one location.


Additionally I have wondered what may be interchanged with another and still be compatible to a system. Example: Can a Macbook Air A1369 Logic Board with a Core 2 Duo be exchanged with the i5 or i7 variant of the A1369 and still reuse the remaining parts of the system.

At this stage my needs are basic, however I am wondering what information may be available to myself or others that may be interested.

It may be possible such reference is needed and possibly I could contribute to such a cause once I get onboard with guide development.

Any help is appreciated and I look forward to participate in the future.



I am excited to see your comments and interest.

Being I am just starting out and researching information, I saw a need for something along the lines of what I described.

I really appreciate your feedback and will try to gather further information from sources like you suggested. I have friends in the industry that possibly may be able to help.

Depending on how much information can be collected and respecting intellectual property, it may be possible to develop a guide to serve as a reference on the topic of hardware identification and compatibility.

If I understand how the guides are handled in this community, then I think it could be possible to have content added by other members and in result have an evolving document that may be useful.

As I said before, I hope to offer future contributions and greatly appreciate your comments and welcome.




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0RAZ10 , here is my meager list that I compiled thus far. Hopefully I'll find time to add to it in the next few weeks, if there is enough interest. As Joshua mentioned before me, I do not know of any official interchange list. The same model year will usually interchange without difficulties, anything else is most likely not interchangeable due to differences in connectors, mounting holes etc.

820-1881 A1150

820-1984 A1200 EMC 2111

820-2132 A1229 EMC 2137 MacBookPro3,1

820-2179 A1237 EMC 2142 MacBookAir

820-2223 A2210

820-2279 A1181

820-2375 A1304 EMC 2334 MacBookAir2,1

820-2496 A1181 Macbook 13

820-2523 A1286 MacBookPro mid2009

820-2530 A1278

820-2567 A1342 Macbook2009

820-2610 A1297

820-2784 A1311 EMC2389

820-2796 A1370 EMC2471 MacBookAir4.1

820-2838 A1369 MBA 2010

820-2850 A1286 MacBookPro mid 2010

820-2879 A1278 EMC 2351 MBPro7,1

820-2901 A1312

820-2914 A1297 10-2011_6-2012

820-2915 A1286 EMC 2353 MacBookPro Early 2011

820-2936 A1298 EMC 2419

820-3023 A1369 MBA Core i5 1_7 13 _Mid-2011

820-3024 A1370

820-3208 A1465 EMC 2558 MacBookAir5,1

820-3209 A1466 EMC 2559 MacBookAir5,2

820-3332 A1398 EMC 2512

Hope this helps, good luck.


As for the second question you have "Can a Macbook Air A1369 Logic Board with a Core 2 Duo be exchanged with the i5 or i7 variant of the A1369" It does not look like it. Having quickly compared the actual logicboard layout, it looks like Apple made changes to the case. Check the perimeter of the boards on the attached image to see the difference. You will also immediately notice that the external display connector is different. So, looking at all the differences, I highly doubt that it will work. Again, hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

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Which logic board for a Macbook Pro mid 2012, although recently replaced HD & Flex Cable, trying to resolve issues. The only thing left to replace, that I am aware of, is the logic board. Is there a way to tell which what logic board I have through the system report or do I need to open it up to find the information I require?


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I am not aware of a cross compatability resource as you describe. For the most part the more recent the device is, it seems to me that technical information and reference materials become more difficult to find. There are are few "collections" of technical documents out there, but I generally don't point directly to them in my posts because I don't want to draw the wrong kind of attention to them. It is sad but true that many of the manufacturer produced technical documents are copyrighted and many manufacturers use that to suppress the free spread of this information. A reference document such as you describe would be a very handy document indeed. What I have found is that local computer stores (small businesses - not large chain stores) also have a wealth of knowledge about the types of cross compatability that you are referring to. For what it's worth, I think that the logic boards tend to be identified either by the seven digit Apple part number and/or the original device's model number and processor configuration.

Hope some of this helps!

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