MBP turns off Randomly Without Warning

Every now and again my MBP will just shut down. It's become quite annoying. My only theory for the issue is that it's somehow over heating or drawing to much power and is trying to protect it's self and so it just shuts down. It will do it while plugged in or on batter, more times on battery though than plugged in. I've ran multiple hardware tests and everything comes back fine. I opened case up and checked for loose wire, especially the seating of the Battery as i replaced it about a year ago from ifixit. Any suggestions would be helpful. I've saved most crash logs but have no idea how to read them to begin discovering the issue. can post here if someone knows how to. Thanks!

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It sounds like you may have multiple problems here:

Now with the better diagnostic software running what is it telling you? Is the battery worn out? Is the charging circuit having problems? Is the temp running high and the fans not working?

Given the age of your system you may need to clean & reapply thermal paste on the CPU & GPU chips heat sink and clean out the dust buildup thats in the system. But for now lets see what the new tools are telling us.

Snap a few screen captures and post them here so we can see whats up.

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Ok so here is what i have done since. I decided to jump the gun and re apply some thermal paste just for some maintenance. During the tear down i found a Huge dust bunny in one of the fans so i'm sure my computer will be happy that i got rid of it so it can hopefully breath a little bit better. Next enjoyed applying the thermal paste As of right now it hasn't seemed be loud with the extreme use of the fans but i haven't used it off power supply yet and moving it around from 1 place to another to see if i can recreate random shut down. Right after applying thermal paste i also reset the SMC. BatteryHealth report reads: Current Max 6784 Original Max 6500 Cycles 140 Age 2.4 Temp 30.4 celc years says: Xscan current temp reads 50-60 degrees Celsius. (side note what temperature is considered bad?).

Would you know how to decipher this code? It seems to be repeating quite a bit

Feb 27 14:31:30 "Computer Name" kernel[0]: SMC::smcReadKeyAction ERROR F1Sf kSMCBadArgumentError(0x89) fKeyHashTable=0x0xffffff802f843000


You'll need to check with ADNX support on their Xscan application on the odd behavior. I'm not sure what you're reading here on the temp as you have a few sensors. It's possible your reading is not correct as you have an error condition within the application. Why don't you give Temperature Gauge Pro a try and paste a screenshot of the screen. Click on the blue URL link above to get the free demo version.


Looking at your snapshot it appears the fans are not working. Do you hear them? If not then I would start looking at the fan blades to see if they are running free and the fan cable harness to the logic board. Follow this IFIXIT Guide to step 10 MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2009 Logic Board Replacement to take the fan units out to clean them and make sure they are correctly mounted.


They weren't running at the time of that screenshot right now they are running and i can hear them. Like i said above when i stripped the whole computer down to reapply thermal paste i took a huge dust bunny chunk out of one of the fans so hopefully that'll help it. here is another screen shot http://tinypic.com/r/j5y3c5/8


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Laz - I've moved your stuff to its own question so others could see it. Lets see what others say here as well.

Here's a link to yours: MBP turns off Randomly Without Warning

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