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I need to preheat my Mac in the oven. Why?

I have used a hairdryer to preheat the computer for a while (2 years or so) whenever it accidentally switched off but one day, it just wasn't enough. After searching for help, without result, in different fora, I thought about taking the hairdryer solution to the next level. I removed the battery, turned on the oven to 50°C, put the Mac in and waited for half an hour. Guess what: it booted up just fine.

Sadly, this solution worked just 1 year and now, after the machine accidentally switched off again, I can't power up. There's no reaction from the computer when I push the button. With or without the battery or the charger.

What can I do?

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Looks like we have the same issue. Did you manage to fix it? I am thinking of baking it in the oven...


I like the rotisserie method for my chicken ;-} As I stated you're SOL here. Apple no longer repairs these systems and finding a good replacement logic board is now just impossible. One thing I did not point out in my older note the issue was also within the chip its self not just the chip to logic board soldering. The soldering pads within the chip breakdown as well which is why you needed the cooler running chip (rev B chip). The Rev B chip is now just impossible to find. And you would still need to find someone with SMT experience to pull the olde GPU off and put the new one on. By the time you did thing I think you would find getting a newer system would be cheaper. Sadly I put my Santa Rosa in the recycle bin at the beginning of the year, it served me well... So I do understand the attachment you likely have with your system.


Bottomline here its time to say good by to a trusted friend. Sorry


I have done this and managed to get 6 month more out of the macbook strip it down to the logic board make sure its level in the oven preheat oven to 435 leave it in for 10min then turn off the oven and this is the important part DO NOT MOVE IT let it cool in the oven moving it will move the solder when hot. This worked well for me once the second time no joy


you realize you only heat the logic board right? Everything else turns into a puddle of goo... just sayin


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Sadly the hair dryer or oven trick doesn't really fix the issue. You see the solder on the chips has broken down. You need to replace the solder on the chips which is a lot of work!

Review this article which explains things: Inquirer claims MacBook Pros may use problematic NVIDIA chips.

Sadly, Apple has EoL this system last May '13 so they will not repair your system. If you had gotten your system in before Oct '12 you would have had a free replacement of the logic board. Apple after that date charged a flat bench fee swapping the logic board until May '13 when they stopped repairing this model altogether.

If you can find someone with good SMT soldering skills they should be able to remove the two NVIDIA chips and re-ball them with the correct high heat solder. If they check the rev of the chips they may find you have an older version of the GPU chip which runs hotter. See if they can swap it out with the newer lower temp version.

After doing this you should get 5 - 10 more years of life ;-}

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Thanks for your answer Dan. The problem arose for the first time way before October 2012 and I believe I can prove it. Hopefully Apple will be able and willing to help me.

Thanks again.


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