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Apple's line of laptops for professional and power users. To date the MacBook Pro line includes 13, 15, 16, and 17-inch variants, with major revisions defined by unibody, Retina display, and Touch Bar designs.

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I'm experiencing random kernel panics

Macbook Pro 2010 15"

I had a go at upgrading my 2010 Macbook Pro 6,2 with 16GB (8GBx2 at 1066MHz) and Mavericks.


1 installed mavericks via usb and 8GB (4GBx2).

2 upgrade the ram to 16GB

Unfortunately I'm experiencing random kernel panics sometimes at boot other times a few minutes after log in. quite unreliable...

Also getting some graphics artefacts with the Intel graphics but all looks better with the nvidia.

the good news is that we now are able to boot into osx Mavericks with the 16GB, before with Mountain Lion was not happening unless we boot with safe mode.

My question:

Are you experience any major issues. is your system running smoothly?

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Kernel panics are always tough to nail down as they can be either bad memory or a HD that is flaky. With that said I can tell you we have quite a few systems running with 16 GB of RAM so I don't see that in its self as the issue. You could have a bad module socket as well here.

I would start off making sure the modules are a matched pair if they are and you got them form a good supplier then I would look deeper here. What happens when you pull one module is the system stable then? Try moving this module to the other slot any difference? Then try the other module (don't mix them up). Once you have proven the modules are both good and the slots are not the issue. Then you need to look at the HD.

First make sure you have a good backup, then setup a boot up disk, you can setup a USB thumb drive or a FireWire or USB HD. Once you have it prep'ed go into Startup disk control panel and select your external drive as the boot up disk. Then open up Apples Disk Utility from the external disk copy. First run permission repair then run disk repair and then run permission repair once again (in that order). Did you encounter any errors and did the second pass of permission repair encounter any errors? If you did you may need to delete the partition and re-do things. But before you do that yet, switch back to your internal drive and see if things are stable. If it is leave things alone. Just keep an eye on things.

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Hi Dan did follow your guide but no luck, still getting kernel panics.

Did try to instal Mavericks with the 16GB installed but after a while the installing process hangs and system reboots.

Hard drive looks good, Apples hardware test is successful using the 8GB (4GBx2), with the 16GB in and kernel panics.

Guess it may be incompatible ram modules. Using Mushkin Essentials 997019 16GB (8GBx2) 1066Mhz. They seem to work on the 13" inch 2010 MacBook Pro.


Did you boot up under a different drive and check your internal HD with Disk Utility?


Yes, did boot up under a different drive and check with Disk Utility. All looking good. Did manage to boot with the 16GB and run for 30 minutes but kernel panic occurred and not able to boot successfully since.

I read from your first post that a few system been running successfully with 16GB, what's the systems specs and memory used?


We have quite a few MBP from '12 (pre retina) on back to '10 which are fully loaded as well as Mac mini's. We use Crucial there are many others out there with good quality memory modules.


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Dan, could you please confirm that you are running 16GB on 15" MacBookPro6.2 (mid 2010) with i7 processor?

I've been reading around and the way I understand due to different chipset MacBookPro6,2 is not capable to run 16GB, but rather only 8GB. Thanks.

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I looked up in our equipment DB: The '10 models we have are 13" with 16GB (first units we had loaded up that far). The early '11 15" models is the first models I have that are loaded with 16GB. The older Core 2 Duos we have could only support 8GB and are loaded to 8GB. - It appears the mid '10 was still using the older controller chip (which is why it can't support 16GB). <Sorry>


Thanks for the info Dan. I was afraid that was the case. It's really a shame that some '09 core2duo MacBooks can take more RAM than '10 i7s.


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A 2010 15" Macbook Pro 6,2 with Intel & nVidia Chipset will only support 8GB (2x4gb) in OSX - you can run 16GB (2x 8gb) in Linux or Windows - but there does not seem to be a workaround for OSX yet. Even with 1x 8gb you will find the same artifacts, random restarts and kernel panics.

Here's a popular thread on Apple forums:

Its long - but basically, there are no confirmed cases of 16GB running on a 6,2 MBP 15" w/ both Intel and nVidia Graphics in OSX.

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