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Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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iPhone 4 charger NOT working even after replacing dock connector


I've been experiencing some problems with my iPhone 4 NOT charging or syncing with computer. After narrowing down my options: Firstly I cleaned the port with Air spray "no luck", Secondly I swapped the Battery with my friends iPhone 4, I realized the battery was perfectly fine. Lastly I believed the issue may results from internal dock connector component, therefore requiring replacement.

After replacing my Dock connector today the problem still persists, which suggest the fault may not have been the Dock Connector. I would appreciate if anyone can give me any suggestions on what else i can try.

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Hello Omar. Have to ask some questions here. Has this phone suffered any water damage or falls of any kind? When did it start exhibiting this behavior? What iOS version are you running? Are you syncing with Mac or PC? What version of iTunes are you running? You have obviously tried relevant hardware fixes, so lets look elsewhere before ruling on a bad logic board on the phone.



To my knowledge the Phone hasn't suffer any water damage. It actually started developing the fault like 2 Weeks ago, I left the iPhone on change throughout the night, when i woke up I realized the iPhone's battery was completely flat, therefore wasn't charging at which point I tried using alternative USB cable on both PC & Brothers Macbook (Still not charging or syncing), as well as wall plug. Itunes version is latest version, IPhone is still IOS 6.1.4


If you are positive you replaced the dock connector with a KNOWN GOOD ONE, then the obvious next step would be a restore of the phone to ensure there isn't a rogue process or plist file causing this. Being that you are on 6.1.4, I know that you are trying to preserve a jailbreak maybe?!? If not, try restoring your phone as new to the latest firmware for your phone. If the dock connector you installed is a good one and a restore doesn't help, then you might be looking at a logic board issue.


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Hi Omar,

I would bet that you have a couple of damaged components (filters, capacitors, resistors) that have gone bad or broken off the board, moreover if you used a cheap "fake/copy" charger, or have lately removed or replaced your battery (before the fault started happening).

These components gone bad typically cause this double fault: not charging, and not detected by your computer.

Since you have your friend's phone on hand, and if his phone is working perfectly, I would suggest installing your logic board in his phone, to see if your logic board inside his phone will charge/sync when it is connected to a good charger or a computer. If it works properly, you are lucky and the fault lies within the accessories (charging dock, cable, etc.). If it still doesn't charge/sync, your logic board is the culprit and you need to have someone look at it who have the capacity to repair such issues.

As a precaution, DON'T install your friend's logic board in your phone.

Good luck!

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I would suggest the same, try swapping logic boards. Put your logic board in a know good phone (and NOT the other way around). If you are experiencing the same issues, you'll know your faults lie on the board, not the accessories.

I believe you could have a busted IC or "filter" that cause the phone to re-boot.


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Omar, how are you getting on with this?

If you're still having issues, can we just point out and be 100% clear on a couple of things

When you swap tested the battery.

Did your friends battery power your phone


Did your Battery charge ok and power up in his phone? (once you've used his to charge your battery a bit, can you put that charged battery bak in yours and power the phone?

You may have already, but you need to have tested both configurations to be sure that both batteries and motherboards are ok.

If they are both "definitely" working Do exactly what Magesty said, get power in it, restore it "Erase all Content & Data" in Settings > General > Reset. the update to latest iOS.

if still no joy, before you think it's a logic board, try another dock connector. you don't have to fit it fully, just plug it in to the logic board and add a dock connector cable to see if it works. we've had plenty of these parts fail on even brand new.

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i have the same problem.

1. plug it in with power chord

2. Apple logo pops up for 1 or 2 minutes

3. i start holding down button combinations, and the apple goes away, screen seems like it goes black. but at night you can see the display is fully lit.

4. holding "home and sleep" to get the red slider gets me a horizontal one pixel blue line, a quarter of the way down from the top of the screen.

if i plug in to MacBook pro...

5. same as step two above but

6. image capture launches and photo thumbnails appear from my camera roll, while apple logo remains on screen.

7. at that point i have about 30 seconds to copy photos to my desktop, then the phone restarts and image capture loses connection.

8. steps 6 and 7 repeat endlessly.

i have replaced the dock connector once, with another known functioning iPhone (we have two in the family).

i have also swapped batteries, but i'm having the same behavior...

i have a "new" dock connector coming in the mail, so i'll try that next.

in the meantime i'll swap logic boards to see if that is the issue.

unfortunately i've been out of hard disc space on MacBook pro so i have been unable to backup my iPhone. so it will be painful to RESTORE the phone.

[i have also swapped Headphone Jack Ribbon, and Power Sensor ribbon and removed a broken front screen from the phone i'm robbing parts from. i am using a highly organized system of ziplock bags to keep it all straight, so i don't think there were any errors.]

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