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Display is black, do I need to replace logic board?

My MacBook Pro 13, MD101 (Mid 2012) suddenly flickered, then the backlight died, but still picture on the LCD, then totally black.

Sent to repair via the shop, they claimed liquid spill and quoted repair cost of 2800 USD approx (this is Danish price) for replacing logic board and display modules.

Of course rejected.

Got it back, opened it, indeed a small area of corrosion in the corner close to the display connector.

Cleaned with Isopropyl alc. - took out the connector etc. cleaned, dried the connector both ends, put it back in place.

Boots up fine. External display is fine. All is good. Except the built in display is dead.

Had a small repair shop take a look - they state the display module is OK but something burned on the logic board around the connector and quotes a new logic board is needed - same price as a new machine.

Issue: I don't really trust them.

Question: Does this sound feasible? Is a logic board replacement typically needed due to minor liquid spill and when the board works in all other aspects? Any hints appreciated.

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Yes - when liquid hits a logic board (actually anything electronic) it causes damage. Sometimes it may not be immediate - but over time corrosion sets in.

Turns out Apples diagnosis was correct - when it's broke you have to fixit or replace it. Sometimes replacing a single logic board component costs more, and is more complicated than just replacing the entire logic board.

Either the logic board replace, or, the component repair are advanced repairs that require special tools, and lots & lots of practice. You might be able to replace your logic board - there are guides for that. Buy the recommended tools (every job is easier with the proper tools).

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OK - thanks.

Could the issue not be the LCD module? The official 'approved' repair shop actually quoted replacement of both logic board and lcd, but I am very doubtful that they did any tests. I have asked for the test results.


Hey !

Just got it back into my hands! I was wrong!! The LCD actually works, .... sort of. With a flashlight I can see the full picture!

The backlight is what is dead! No change if I change backlight using F1+F2. These keys do work - I can see the the level being displayed on screen.

How does this change the verdict?


By the way - serial ends with H32DTY3


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It sounds like your backlight circuit is having problems.

Do you know how to read schematics and have the skills working on SMT components? If not it's time to go to an Apple Store or authorized Apple repair center. Otherwise you'll need to trace out the circuit to see if you have a break in the wiring, bad solder joint or burn't components.

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Personally I am not skilled to do it but I know some who are.

Could you or somone help identify likely areas that could be causing the problem (ie location on the board)? I can post photos later. MD101 Mid 2012 13 inch - serial C02HRH32DTY3.

Also, I can see the charging suddenly stopped after successfully charging it over night. No light - no charging - but it runs ok on the power supply. Will take out the logic board at check for remaining spills on the other side.


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