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Mid 2010 Model A1278 / 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Not sure if my fan or hard drive is faulty?

**This is a recurring problem that came up months ago and now happening again.** -Operated normally after a restart

A couple days ago my mac started to make this spinning noise and increased if I didn't do anything. I checked my fan rpm and it checked out normal. So as far I know what most people do first is restart or shutdown. Worked fine for about an hour and same problems occurred again.

I used an app called smart doctor, to check my drives all came out good. Ran disk utility to compare answers, checks good. So I ran disk repair and the noise stopped for good but what I notice the next second my mac temperatures on all sensors spiked up high and my fan rpm dropped right below normal speed (1000 rpm) and start fluctuating between 900 to no speed at all.

Computer did not freeze or shutdown but it did slow down performance drastically. So What I do, I popped the bottom off and found my fan was spinning for a second and stopped for a second. Fan was clogged with dust, cleaned that bad boy up and inspected it for a broken bearing. Did an operation check on it and same problem exist. So gave it a little push with the can of air and ran smooth but looked at the fan rpm on screen, increased by a little but not much. Core temperatures still rocketed up. Still slow. Faulty Fan right?

I am on a deployment in Okinawa, have limited sources and no mac techs or U.S. mac hardware.

I had to improved by using an eyeglass repair kit to open this sucker up. But my biggest question, will the fan fix this problem? I already ordered a fan that will take a month to get here and every hard drive I looked up would not ship here.

Any input or thought would be greatly appreciated. And Sorry for the long discrepancy. I will be troubleshooting until then.

Thank you. Semper Fi.



Got my fan in today, removed and replaced that fan and computer is now working like a champ. Played around with the old fan and found some things that were binding it. Turned on power to look at the new fan and spins freely and continuously! Fan rpm shows good indication as well. and Temperatures seem fine, when I get back to the states I will would need to get thermal paste done. Thank you so much for looking into this for me!

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Macbook pro takes 3 seconds to type each letter.

NorthBridge Sensors all went to high temp (90) Computer then shutdown after overheat.

Tried calling that number you gave me but it is closed on Weekends as well Closed after 7pm.

Ordered a fan on Amazon but won't be arriving until next month.

Any recommendations? besides not using the computer for the next week or so.


Sorry ;-{ No easy answer here. It does sound like you need to get to the heat sinks and re-paste them. Yes, I would hold off using the system until you get it fixed as letting it overheat to long can cause more damage (best to let Apple do this given the time and risks). Maybe a friend who is on leave can drop it off for you. While it might cost more can you hire a delivery service? As to contacting the Apple store you could see if your family can call for you to set things up by calling the US Apple corporate line or the Okinawa store directly. - Good Luck!


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Your in luck!

Apple has a Apple Store in Okinawa! Its located: 1 Chome-20-9 Uenoya Naha, Okinawa Prefecture 900-0011, Japan +81 98-863-6368 Contact info - English Its located along Rt 58 near Impression along the water front. Maybe on your day off you can have them take a look at your system. Most repairs just take a day or two.

If you want to fix this your self you'll need something more than an eyeglass repair kit. Given the cost & time to do this your self I think just going to the Apple Store nearby will be cheaper and less risk (if you mess something up).

Given what you have stated your system needs a good cleaning and likely also needs new thermo paste on the CPU & GPU chips. And yes, the Fan sounds like its in trouble.

If you can get a USB drive 32MB or so, see if they can help you in setting it up as a bootable drive while your at the store. download a good defragmentation app like Drive Genius and install it on the USB drive then rebooting your system making the USB drive the boot up disk defrag your HD. If you have anything important I would get a second USB drive or external HD to make a backup (just incase). 幸運

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Given time and transportation is lacking here. Naha is pretty far where I'm at. I will give them a call but I rather not send my computer to somewhere I cannot reach or get hold of. Or spend money on what could be simple fixes.

Ordered some tools online as well. I just hope I do not mess it up, I rather fix it so I can learn next time if a problem came up again. Learning process.

Thermo paste? Any brand Thermo paste? I do not know where the CPU and GPU chips are or whatt they are, if you could possibly show me in a picture and a brief instruction on how to add thermo paste that would be most helpful. Fan is holding on there for a bit, hope it will last until end of the month.

Got an external drive for a backup. Just ironic I bought a external drive a couple days before my computer decides to have a problem.


Maybe then you should hold off on the thermo paste given this is your first time. Heres the needed steps to get to the heat sink Replacing MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2010 Heat Sink. Follow these guides as needed IFIXIT Guides for your system


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