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Why my MBP freeze on gray/blue screen (video include)?


My macbook pro 17'' i7 freeze on gray screen after i try to boot from HD or DVD or Flash memory

and after i boot from widows partition it freeze on blue screen with vertical line

i try everything

1- reset SMC

2- reset PRAM

3- start from saveboot


5- i try to change the HD

6- use each ram separately

but nothing work so did this mean my logic board is dead ?

for more info please check this video

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UPDATE: i reflow the GPU for 5.5 min @ 200°C and it look like my MBP come to live again. check this guide to remove the logic board MacBook Pro 17" Unibody Logic Board Replacement

also for reflow just search youtube there is many video (it's same procedure for all models)


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Hate to tell you this the oven trick doesn't really solve the underlying problem and can kill your system if your not careful.

The solder Apple used has a tendency to breakdown over time with the hotter GPU chip. How hard you push your system graphically causes the GPU to overheat.

In any case you really need to remove the GPU and re-ball it with the correct solder (high temp) to do the job right. This requires the proper tools and a bit of skill.

All you did here is bought your self a little time, until the solder re-crystilizes again (a.k.a. cold solder joint).

Sometimes fixes like this are a little to good to be true ;-} Remember you can't believe everything posted on the internet that has no means of validation (unlike this site).

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It looks like you may have more than one problem here:

To start with the drive (partition) you are booting from under OS-X needs to be running the correct format. Your vid makes me think you have a problem with the boot sectors and/or the volume format.

Are you able to startup your system using the recovery DVD or OS-X logo'ed DVD? If you are you should try using Apples Disk Utility to check the drive out. It still are not able to fix your problem here, you may need to use a better tool like Drive Genius

Here's a good primer on Mac volume formatting: Drives, partitions, formatting. Review it and the supplied links to get a better understanding on what goes on under the hood here.

As to running MS Windows on the Mac it to can have issues if it can't access the volume with the format it expects. You could have a conflict issue here as you need A format for A OS and B format for B OS. You don't want A format trying to run B OS and B format trying to run A OS.

Depending on how you setup your system you could run into this type of problem (your vid implies you might have this problem). Are you using BootCamp? Apple allows MS Windows to run within it's volume and access a Fat-32 or exFAT volume.

Some of these types of problems can happen when you try to restore your files after replacing your HD. OS-X & MS Windows require different backups due to the file structures. You may need to scratch your disk back down and re-partition & format the volumes and manually restore your files from the original disks and/or sources.

Lastly, make sure your EFI firmware is current here's the Apple TN on how to check and the latest version available for your system EFI and SMC firmware updates for Intel-based Macs


The way you are booting up could be a factor here. Review this Apple TN on how to boot up using the keyboard Startup key combinations for Intel-based Macs instead of using the boot manager. Try Single User mode first, then Safe mode next any difference? If you try to boot up with the DVD use the C option.

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Thanks Dan for your help

first how i can check anything in my HD if i can't boot anymore since i try to boot from startup DVD that come with my MBP also i try to boot from USB (10.8 system) and both not working.

So let's say here i want to setup new HD that is empty without any OS if i start from DVD my MBP must be boot and let me format and install the OS right?

So how i can do that if i can't boot anymore?

Note1: you are right both DVD and USB appear without the original logo for the OS X

but i am sure both are worked fine because i test it in a different MBP and both appear fine with the original logo

Note2: last time my MBP are freeze before that issue are happen i see the same blue screen that appear when i try to boot from windows than my MBP are freezing


Related to your update. I try to boot with "C", Shift , Command-R, but no one are working, alwease i get gray screen, also i try Command-V and Command-S, and i get a black screen where i can put the command


You stated you tried replacing the HD (point #5). Did you? Is this the original Apple HD now in your system or the replacement?

If this is not the original HD you might be facing a SATA I/O speed issue here with the replacement HD. Can you supply us the make and model of the HD as well as the last four digits of your serial number so we can verify the exact model you have.


Yes this is my original HD.

But now i just format my old HD i get it from my old MBP core 2 duo this HD is 100% working, so i install this HD and try to start my MBP first i get a folder with question mark than it boot automatically from the DVD (original) after that i get the apple logo than i get the gray screen (same issue).

Note: the device temperature rises rapidly little after freezing with fan noise


I'm starting to think your SATA cable is bad. The reason the system is heating up is the CPU is trying to read/write to the HD but the HD keeps telling the CPU the CRC is bad on action so the CPU tries again and again for each bad data block. As the CPU & the HD are working very hard trying to correct the read/write error the system heats up. As you are able to get MS Windows to startup (to the Windows logo GIF) we know the CPU & the memory appear to be OK. If I hadn't seen that I would have questioned the RAM modules as being not seated correctly or bad.


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