What power related component should I replace next?

I accidentally spilled water (from a Dasani water bottle) onto my MBA (on the keyboard) while it was on. I immediately turned it off, wiped any visible water off, held it open and upside down (with keyboard toward floor) to let gravity work it's magic. Then I put it in a large plastic bag with rice and dessicant pouches for 2 weeks.

Unfortunately, OSX indicates it takes roughly 20 hours to charge the battery to 100%, although a more realistic number is around 48 hours.

I've done PRAM and SMC resets and replaced the battery and the I/O board - but still the same problem.


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Its time to open it up to locate the corrosion build up. You'll likely need to pull the logic board all the way out as the components on the back side got the water.


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You will need to pull a few things together for your MacBook Air's surgery.

Get a container of distilled water (do not use tap water), next get a container of Isopropyl alcohol 85% or better.

You'll need a small stiff brush to lightly scrub any areas that need attention, some cotton swabs are also useful as well as a can of canned air.

Plus the needed tools to open your system. Follow good ESD practices as your logic board can become damaged if you zap it.

You will need to wash down any areas on the logic board with distilled water you see corrosion, then wash the board down with Isopropyl alcohol as it has a second property I like and that of a dryer to help in removing the water use the canned air to blow out any wetness. Even still I let the board air dry in a sunny location for a day letting the IR of the suns rays warm the board causing any remaining moisture out.

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Alas, I went to work trying this the moment you posted yesterday, fired it up moments ago, and the same problem exists. I'm currently at 53% charge and OSX indicates 10hrs 33min until full charge. :(


The best thing here is not continue charging your system as the more you do the more electrolysis will take place causing more damage. Your battery pack may have gotten wet as well so you may end needing to replacing it as well.


But I've replaced both (1) the Battery and (2) the I/O board.


Have you cleaned the logic board yet?


Dan, thanks for your help, it's working now. For anyone else's benefit, here's ultimately what I did:

(1) Turn off computer. Dry visible water from spill immediately.

(2) Hold upside down, open, with keyboard facing ground, to let water drip out.

(3) Seal in a large plastic bag (the kind used for putting clothes when you move [normally vacuumed shut, but don't]) was big enough to hold the computer. I also put in a desiccant pouches and rice. Left it there for 2 weeks.

(4) On attempting to charge, the battery charged very slowly (approx. 40 hours) so I bought the iFixit screwdriver set, bought a new battery on eBay, and replaced it. But that didn't help.

(5) Battery still charged at the same very slow rate, so I replaced the I/O Board which houses the MagSafe power module, but that didn't help.


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